Switched At Birth

Season 1 Episode 10

The Homecoming

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Aug 08, 2011 on Freeform

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  • No more love triangle...


    Bay: It was amazing that Emmett spoke to Bay (even though he didn't need to), it made it much more meaningful. Seeing as it was something that was extremely difficult for him to do since he has never wanted/needed to before. I think it has a profound impact.

    Daphne: Emmett was right in everything he said to her at the car wash (up until the kiss). He said that he waited for 8 years for her to see him as more than a friend and now that he is finally happy she wants to take that from him because her world has turned upside down. Sucky move. And the fact that she threatens Bay by saying that she isn't giving up on Emmett was cruel. Not only to Bay, but to Emmett also. She needs to see that her best friend is happy and in love with someone who feels the same and to want to destroy that because she feels like something was taken from her is just wrong. Daphne said it all when she mentioned how she gave up Liam because of Bay, she wants to get back at her. And if she felt anything real for Liam she wouldn't have given him up so easily, especially when Bay apologized the next day basically saying she was in the wrong and that Daphne could go ahead and date him. Daphne just needs to get it together and let Emmett be happy, even if she doesn't want Bay to be.

  • summer finale

    After viewing the trailer of this episode I was expecting much more drama and a sort of cliffhanger at the end leaving us (passionate viewers) with a lot of questions unsolved. But it wasn't like that but there is still a lot of unsolved questions:
    - what does Angelo really want?
    - Emmett and Daphne relationship?
    what i like the most in this episode is the Bay and Emmett scenes, there is a lot of chemistry between them and when Emmett talked it was a really emotional scene.
    Now we have to wait until winter for the rest of the first season with 22 episodes (that is a good news)!