Swords: Life on the Line

Tuesday 9:00 PM on Discovery Channel Premiered Aug 11, 2009 Between Seasons


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  • Sad Sack Dave

    I think Dave on the Bjorn II needs a cuddle all he does is bitch and complain other than that a great show
  • Entertaining & Educational Show!

    Swords: Life on the Line has started its first season off with tons of excitement, drama, and suspense. If you have any interest in documentary-style shows, such as Dirty Jobs or Deadliest Catch, then you should definitely enjoy this show. Swords gives the viewer a first-hand experience of what commercial fishermen of the Atlantic must endure to haul in thousands of pounds of swordfish and tuna; from the depths of the Grand Banks waters to the northeastern fish markets. As you would expect, Discovery puts their dramatic effects into the show as much as possible; but isn't that why we watch TV? Added to the adventure of riding along with four distinguished long-line captains, viewers get to witnesses some of the most beautiful and amazing parts of our magnificent Earth.
  • This show is about fisherman in the North Atlantic. It highlights their characters, problems they face, and the rewards they reap.

    I enjoyed the first episode to say the least. The Big Eye definitely keeps the show interesting. I enjoyed watching Woody calm down that Mako shark and see his brother, the Captain, take big risks and head out to the Grand Banks. This season look like it will be interesting after reading through the episode summaries. I can't wait to see how they handle the first storm of the season. Viewers who enjoyed The Deadliest Catch should enjoy this show. It seems to be filled with just as much action and is a bit more interesting to watch considering they catch more than just crab. Keep an Eye on the Big Eye and crew. They definitely are the underdogs.