Swords: Life on the Line - Season 1

Tuesday 9:00 PM on Discovery Channel Premiered Aug 11, 2009 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • Finale: Pay Out
    Episode 8
    At the end of the season for fishing swords, the Sea Hawk sets sail for port with an embarrassingly small load. The Big Eye's Captain 'Chompers' Hanson risks his boat and his crew's lives on one last run. Ending the season with a record catch, the Eagle Eye II's Captain Scotty pushes his luck with his crew by contemplating taking one last run before going in.moreless
  • A Perfect Storm
    Episode 7
    Crew members of the Sea Hawk pay homage to friends they knew that died aboard The Andrea Gail during the Perfect Storm of October 31, 1991. Captain 'Chompers' gambles on trying a risky plan, set sail one last time in the face of a big storm to bring in the final catch of the year at maximum price.moreless
  • Making Waves
    Episode 6
    The Frances Anne is hit by a 30-foot rogue wave in the middle of the night, throwing her crew and gear to the floor. On board the Sea Hawk, a crew member goes to turn on work lights with bare, wet hands and takes 110 volts of electricity, momentarily stopping his heart and putting him down for the night. The Eagle Eye II is caught in rough seas with damaged equipment while the Big Eye challenges another boat for fishing territory.moreless
  • Homesick
    Episode 5
    Captain 'Chompers' Hanson's temper worsens, bringing up the possibility of mutiny among the crew of the Big Eye while on the Eagle Eye II, the crew is going stir crazy after five weeks at sea. When the Sea Hawk finally makes port, she loses half of her crew. The Frances Anne continues to be plagued with sharks, driving away the swords and destroying the gear.moreless
  • Man Overboard
    Episode 4
    After losing their greenhorn crew member, the Frances Anne must quickly find another man. Tempers get out of hand on the Eagle Eye II as she takes a severe pounding in stormy seas. A powerful rogue wave pummels the Sea Hawk, almost taking one of her crew overboard.
  • Life on the Line: Blood on the Deck
    An accident plagues the Eagle Eye II and leaves the crew a man down while the Sea Hawk and Big Eye battle big seas to get the swords on deck. Also, the Frances Anne sets out with a young greenhorn surfer that has never been on a fishing boat before.
  • Hostile Takeover
    Episode 3
    A patch of blue sharks foils the fishing efforts of the Eagle Eye II while Captain Chompers of the Big Eye pulls too close to the Sea Hawk while her lines are still out, causing a big mess for both boats as they vie for prime sword territory.
  • 9/25/09
    The Eagle Eye II hits a patch of deadly blue sharks and the Sea Hawk and the Big Eye get their lines crossed as they battle for territory. Then, an injury aboard the Frances Anne could cost the crew thousands of dollars in lost wages.
  • Blood On The Deck
    Episode 2
    The Frances Anne hits the seas with a greenhorn on the decks. The Eagle Eye II is hit with multiple accidents putting one man down. Captain 'Chompers' Hanson of the Big Eye keeps running into bad weather while chasing the swords.
  • Voyage to Hell
    Episode 1
    The sword fishing season isn't off to a good start for the Sea Hawk due to engine failure. The Eagle Eye II comes to the Sea Hawk's aid while a small coastal boat makes a risky move.