Swords: Life on the Line - Season 3

Tuesday 9:00 PM on Discovery Channel Premiered Aug 11, 2009 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • 5/12/11
    Linda Greenlaw and Captain Scotty renew their friendly rivalry and Captain Slick suffers with a clumsy greenhorn crew while Chomps takes whatever crew he can get at the last minute. All four captains and ships set out for the Grand Banks to catch swords.
  • 5/17/11
    With a storm barreling toward the fishing grounds, every captain is racing to put fish on the boat before they're forced to shore. On the Frances Anne, deck boss Lemmy makes an epic mistake that inspires Captain Slick's first meltdown of the season.
  • 5/19/11
    The biggest hurricane system since the "Perfect Storm" unleashes its fury across the North Atlantic and the four captains have to decide whether to ride it out or come back to shore. Chompers and Scotty head into dock but find the storm has followed them.
  • 5/26/11
    Linda's decision to ride out Hurricane Igor on the fishing grounds has left her in a prime spot, alone on the Grand Banks. Now, Captains Scotty and Chompers will have to come up with a new plan to make up for lost time while they braved the storm inland.
  • Charlie Foxtrot
    Episode 5
    Halfway through one of the worst fishing seasons in memory, every crew is put to the test. The Frances Anne offloads a decent trip but deck boss Lemmy suffers a season ending injury and tempers flare on the Hannah Boden between slacking crew members.
  • Foreign Relations
    Episode 6
    A Japanese boat enters the Grand Banks and nabs the top fishing spot from the fleet. Captain Greenlaw helps out Scotty and the Eagle Eye 2 calls it quits on the Grand Banks and heads south. Then Slick's autopilot breaks and Butters takes the wheel.
  • 6/16/11
    The Eagle Eye 2 offloads enough to cover their expenses and heads south to George's Bank and Linda's decision to stay on the Grand Banks comes back to haunt her. And, plagued with auto pilot issues, the Frances Anne is forced to steam back to port.
  • Dead in the Water
    Episode 8
    Linda's crew questions her ability after their bad luck on the Grand Banks. Scotty's decision to head for George's Bank starts to payoff bigtime. Captain Slick is on the fish but a greenhorn makes a mistake that costs them time and fish.
  • 6/30/11
    Near the end of the season, the Hannah Boden finally reaches George's Bank where Linda looks to Scotty for help in finding the fish. The Frances Anne hides in a remote fishing area away from the rest of the fleet, and Chompers has his worst season ever.
  • The Final Gamble
    Episode 10
    It's the homestretch of the 2010 swordfishing season and all four boats and their crews have suffered at Mother Nature's hand. Everyone keeps their fingers crossed for the results of the last offload and hopes for a paycheck.