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Episode Talkback: A New Beginning (End)


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    [1]Apr 9, 2011
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    Well, it aired and it ended... Even if it was not intended to be a finale, let's discuss it as such though being forgiving of course to plot threads not being explained since, y'know, it's CN's fault.

    It was truly bittersweet, though intended to be sweet, well, not sweet per se, but obviously it continued on the dark path we had seen started when Octus died, Lance and Ilana simply continued through a suffering as they were powerless to the forces around them, but without breaking too deep into angst, without staring into the pitch blackness while doing nothing, then we see them struggle to fight, struggling to do the right then and it comes, in a beak of light hope is restored and kick ass ensues, the reporter does the best job describing it really.

    I liked it, but, all the talk about hope, simply reminded me that it was the ending, that there is no way for it to continue anymore, that we won't find out just how the heck Octus is back, or how Galaluna will be saved or anything, just that Steel is defeated for now and Solomon is an ally. That the life they will have after having faced death will never be explored.

    As a finale... it's actually Okay. It ends on a good note, it finishes up some plot threads and just, well Titan fighting once more makes a good anything, even if this was intended to just be a season finale at most, it works kinda okay for the closure of the series, and, well i guess there will always be fanfics.

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    [2]Apr 10, 2011
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    I thought it was a fantastic season finale. It's pretty obvious that it wasn't meant to be the final episode of the series, so considering that I think it was a job well done.
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    [3]Apr 10, 2011
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    this faced the same fate as Samurai Jack, ending without closure.

    what is to become of Galaluna? will the heroes ever learn that Modula is in charge of the Mutradi? who was that robot that fixed Octus? WHO'S THE BACKED CASE THAT RED-LIGHTED THIS AND GREEN0LIT PROBLEM SOLVERZ?!

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    [4]Apr 10, 2011
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    Robot, I say Android. In my opinion that was Lance's Father since, I don't know all of "G3" has Galalunian tech; but I hate this was the last episoed of a series I was loving as of late. DAMN CN!!!, why would you choose to air "The Problem Solvers".

    p.s. I wanted H.M.E.R. to live or at least be repairable.

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    [5]Jul 11, 2011
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    I have to say it may have not been the best way to end a show due to it being cancelled, I am just glad it ended on a high note.

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