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Thought(s) on the cancellation of Sym-Bionic Titan (toys, action figures, mercha

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    Last night I was watching one of the many wonderful episodes of Sym-Bionic Titan and it dawned on me why there never were enough toys / action figures to keep the series alive. Other than Titan, Ilana normal, Ilana in armor, Octus, Lance normal and Lance in armor there never really were characters or items in the series worthy of making a toy or action figure.

    Things, I think, working against finding toys / actions figures are:

    1. Each episode there is a different monster

    2. The USA military robot came at the end of the initial episodes (too late to help generate sales)

    3. Solomon and his group didn't have equipment and enough screen time to generator toys (as I remember)

    4. The other high school characters were either romantic in nature or not very interesting to say young boys. The series didn't initially have enough stuff to interest girls and thus when the romantic plots started girls weren't around to want dolls of say the cheerleaders.

    I'm sure there are reasons I missed and mistakes in my understandings that will necessitate my changing the about reasons / thoughts. Yet, I think they are in the right direction.

    What are YOUR THOUGHTS on why there were enough action figures, toys, and / or merchandise to keep Sym-Bionic Titan alive?


    Who knows ... maybe ... if someone could present a plan to generate toys / action figure / merchandise and keep the series true to the first 20 episodes a studio might see value in bringing the series back in some form.

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