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  • One of CN's Best Screw Ups yet!

    After 4 years I'm still feeling the burn of losing one of the greatest shows in CN history. All I can say CN? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

    Okay, first Samurai Jack, now this show?! Cartoon Network just left two Genndy Tartakovsky TV shows completely unfinished. I love Titan. At first, I thought this show was gonna have adult-related violence, but now I think it's awesome. I really miss the series and CN ruined it for all of us.

    What dumbass would wanna watch a show about idiots operating a robot? The worst part is that this show rips off Pacific Rim.
  • Stupid reason to cancel this show

    Cartoon Network claims there were "not enough toy sales" and right off the bat we know this is bullsh** because a show with a huge fanbase should be enough to sell toys, legos, etc. I will never know the reason this show was cancelled, but I can bet you it was because of a stupid a** executive at Cartoon Network. This show had fantastic writing, great action pieces, and characters that outperform. This show was replaced by the horrible problem solverz which by the way DID NOT generate any income to cartoon network whatsoever and as a matter of fact Cartoon Network completely lost their mind along with the money they could have made with Sym-Bionic Titan. So thank you Cartoon Network for being so damn stupid and making us all realize that we should never set foot on your channel ever again.
  • Clever show that should come back and get what it deserves

    canceling this show is a crime against humanity!! And why was it canceled? Because it didn't have a toy This show is one of the best shows that has been on TV for the last decade! And to just throw it away for shows like Problem solverz and Johnny Test is ABSOLUTELY SICKENING, AND DESPICABLE!!! CN and Adult Swim need to realize this shows potential, and put a second season on Toonami! 1. It's more suited for Toonami's demographic. And 2. they can get away with more stuff on Toonami then CN. and now that stuart snyder is gone anything is possible! :)
  • Cartoon Network Had Something and let it go

    yes i agree with the other guy. how does shows hittin 9 all day get CANCELED AND REPLACED by shows barely gettin 3??
  • It was enjoyable, it was original and it was one of those shows the network probally should have kept

    I liked this show onCartoon Network. I dont know why they canned this show. What bothers me is that some shows with scores lower than 2.5 on this site outlied this show. Sometimes the guys who run dont know a hit till its too late.
  • Possibly one of the best and most underrated shows on Cartoon Network

    You know how people complain that Megas XLR was underrated? Well this CN original was one of the best we had seen since CN went into the crapper. It feels more like pre-2007 CN, before Jim Samples resigned. Stuart Snyder took over and made Cartoon Network the shit pile that it is today. This show felt like one of Tartakovsky's other hit shows from a while back called Samurai Jack. It had an interesting story, the characters are likeable with superb voice talent. Thankfully this show is in syndication on Adult Swim's revived Toonami block (showing signs that Adult Swim is getting slightly better again). Well, also the possibility of a revival is high, so keep your fingers crossed.
  • Agreed

    I just have to say that I agree with u all and whoever decided to cancel it is a dumb mother f@$&?ng a?s hole and I hope every show they even remotely like gets canceled

    This show was awesome.

    Its so dumb that it was cancelled because this animated show had a great story and always made me laugh and wanting more.

    Cartoon Network should bring it back on Toonami or at least online.
  • This Show can be so much more

    I have never seen a cartoonnetwork show quite like SBT. This show remined me how we could use animtion, to tell mature stories without discarding our imagination. A series full of characters that you cannot help but get into, and a story so creative that watching it stimulates your imagination, giving you that urge to run to the back yard, pick up a stick a become a warrior again. I don't know if this show is getting a second season but, I know i sure hope it does. Trust me, I will be flipping through the channels with my pealed for it.
  • Good Story, Good Charachters, Cartoon Network didn't know what they were pulling off the air.

    I really don't know why cartoon network pulled such a great show off the air. This show had great story, animation, character depth and most of all it was entertaining. The show follows the lives of three two humans named Lance and a princess named Ilana as well as a robot named Octus, who had to escape their own planet from a group who wanted to destroy the royal kingdom. Forced to hide on Earth Lance, Ilana, and Octus are forced to adjust to work hard to adjust and fit in to the life of human and teenage culture while at the same time trying to fight off most of the alien army who managed to also land on Earth and who are constantly after them. They are able to fight off these aliens using a robot ( Sym-Bionic Titan). This show was fantastic! I remember always wanting to know what would happen in the next story, particularly with the character Lance. It is believed that the show was pulled off because they couldn't make any toys, but I find that absolutely inexcusable and a pathetic excuse to cancel the show, and am sure it was due to creative differences among the creator and the network (at least that is what I have heard). Hopefully the show will come back on the air.
  • Giant Robots, Aliens, and Perhaps one of the harshest American Cartoon ever to exist.

    This show was unfortunately cancelled by Cartoon Network. Common theory was was that toys couldn't be sold for it, but upon further research, this seems to be false. The show had a fairly good story going, action and animation that couldn't be easily competed against by other shows, cool characters, and a nice sort of humor thrown in for good measure, to make sure things didn't get too serious. The art style is unique, and while some may not like it, it's refreshing to see something a bit unique looking out there. The show holds some similarites to many existing anime, and it even has some suggestive content for anyone who remembers the "Shake Shake Booty Quake" episode, which was rather surprising for a show made for children. Still nothing too harsh, but I'd like to add that this show has blood in it. Yes, you read it right, blood. In an American cartoon. I give Genndy Tartakovsky, this show's creator, props for that. However, Cartoon Network held back Genndy from doing what he wanted with this show, and the show was never finished, so it carries that flaw.
  • Simply fantastic

    There simply isn't much to say about this show, as words cannot do the show justice, and the show sadly did not last very long at all.

    What I can say, the art is great, with a perfectly-blended mix of CGI and 2D drawings. The animation is very smooth and compliments the action. The backgrounds are astonishingly beautiful as well, and there is quite a bit of detail in everything.

    The show itself, billed as a mixture of high-school drama and giant robot battles, merges the two genres (though keeping them separate most of the time) and succeeds in doing both well. The drama part contains a lot of memorable characters, good plotlines and great character development. The action speaks for itself.

    The characters all are unique, and interactions are great. Sadly, due to the show being short-lived, the backstories of secondary characters (and Octus) weren't explored, but that shouldn't be a fault of the series.

    I can't add a good conclusion here, so I'll just leave this message: This show is superior to any action show on Cartoon Network in the present or past, and should be brought back immediately.
  • Genndy returns with an awesome cartoon that everyone should watch

    Genndy has once again saved Cartoon Network by creating a show that CN has desperately needed for along time. Sym-Bionic Titan is about 3 refuges named Lance, Octus, and Princess Ilana who come from a planet named Galaluna and flee to Earth after an alien force called the Mutraddi takes over their planet, but the aliens follow them and want to kill them. The three refuges fight back against the invaders using a robot to drive them off. The story may sound a bit unoriginal but the way Genndy executes it is well done and is great to watch. The artwork is great, animation is nice and it flows smoothly, the character and set designs look great and has some originality to it. The characters actually have development to them and you get to learn about their past and what their lives are like. There is also the fact the show actually has variety to it, when you watch this show it actually has a great deal of variety and it's never the same for each episode, except for the robot fights. The fights themselves are great and have plenty of action to them and are fun to watch. If you haven't seen this show yet, watch it Friday night and you will see how great this show is and thank you so much Genndy for giving Cartoon Network a great cartoon they desperately needed for so long
  • Form Titan!

    Enough said.
  • A Good Show Cancelled?!

    This show was probably the only show that Cartoon Network had left. (Except Adventure Time or Regular Show) It had a good plot, wonderful voices, epic action, and hilarious humor! (The Elephant Song) I still think they shouldn't have cancelled this show. 10/10
  • Genndy Tartakovsky, You Can Do No Wrong


    In 1996, Dexter's Laboratory first aired on Cartoon Network and was a success because it managed to play on 2 levels, as it was able to appeal to both kids and adults. 2001 gave us Samurai Jack which was yet another success because of its excellent animation, writing, voice acting, and art design. In 2003, Star Wars: The Clone Warspremiered, giving CN another hit because of its fleshing out of the characters, great visuals, and its ability to give respect to Lucas's original creations. But in 2010, Tartakovsky brought us (the sadly canceled)Sym-Bionic Titan, which I dare say is not only his finest work so far, but quite possibly CN's best show ever, rivaled by only The Powerpuff Girls. It has everything one would expect from Genndy T.: Animation that can rival 2-D feature films, characters with dimension, excellent voice acting, great action, and the backbone to do things most animated shows would never dare do. Genndy, here's to hoping your next project Hotel Transylvania is a success, seeing as that's all you're capable of.

  • A show that is so awesome it puts live action to shame.

    Let it be said that the ultimate medium for storytelling is animation. You don't have reality's budget constraints getting in the way of making a Giant Robot fight a Giant monster that shuts down technology. Although animating normal high school antics seems like a bit of a waste. Titan does both with aplomb and manages to combine both to see what effects they have on each other. The episode that was recently put up for consideration by the ATAS, Lessons in Love, is the best example of this for new viewers, but the episode Under the Three Moons is the ultimate pay off of the 2. That episode effects all 3 characters pretty strongly, though for the snobs in the ATAS who segregate the entire thing it's better to use "Lessons". I think the show is stupendous all the way around with its beautiful action animation and high school humor and problems. It even kills off a main character for 2 episodes and makes most feel the loss as strongly as the characters do. How many shows actually do that? That would have been one to put forward, if the episode wasn't so heavy handed with moments that are very heartwarming to remind us how special the character is, even though it's really needless give how lovable the character always is.
    If you want a show with beautiful animation, funny high school moments, or giant robots this is your show. Of course you could watch whatever the Networks are trying to shove down your throat, but why would you want to do that?
  • Gennedy returns, with an excellent show

    Yes! Gennedy has returned! And with an awesome robot show! It has the home-style of Robot Jones, the coolness of Dexter's Lab, the action-packed-ness of the Powerpuff Girls, and the art style of Samurai Jack. All it needs is a Jackie Khones-sounding opening narration, and it'll be perfect--if it isn't already. I haven't watched every episode, but I know it'll be better than Supah Ninjas. The other kid doesn't even look like he's can he be descended from ninjas unless half his ancestry was Chinese, or he was a fraternal twin to the Chinese guy and his parents never told him that? How could the plot work?!

    ...anyway, this show rocks...I beg you, watch this instead...
  • It's a pretty good show.

    I haven't been able to catch that much of Sym-Bionic Titan, but so far it's been a nice change of pace from the likes of CN's 'animated comedies'. For one thing, it's got that classic Tartakovsky touch what with the silent moodiness and dark atmosphere. Being an action show, the fight scenes are entertaining enough, but the characters also have a little depth to them! However, not EVERYTHING is perfect. The whole 'teen drama' aspect is stale and has long been overused, taking bullying, popularity issues, and dating as examples (not that these things don't happen in high school). Yes, gender stereotypes are very much present as well - Lance is the antisocial 'tough guy' while Ilana is a caring and passionate princess. Octus/Newton is well-thought out though as a sympathetic robot. Overall, a show that reflects on itself better than most cartoons.
  • Three words: Screwed by CN.

    This show was/is awesome--and they replaced it with Prowblem Solvaz (you know what I'm talking about)? Not selling enough merchandise?! I truly think it was because it had a girl in it when most shows around here nowadays, specially robot shows, have boys in them. Worse, they ingloriously squeezed it to 8 a.m. In the morning. On a Saturday. When people aren't even awake yet (me? I'm usually up, but that's for playing on the computer and watching Youtube stuff)! That's it. Fire Stuart Snyder. Fire him. Or ship him off to Springfield. They can deal with him. Just bring Titan back. Sincerely, b. impson
  • Initiate Sym-Bionic Titan!

    So what do you do when your planet is on a war, you're losing, and you're the king? You shoot your daughter thorugh a rift in time in space with a soldier and a robot of course!

    The show centers on Lance, Ilana and Octus, who escaped Galaluna to protect the rpincess (Ilana) from dying. But that doesn't keep evil General Modula from Sending multiple m,onters to get them. The thing is, Lance & Ilana each have a special armor that when uniting with Octus, forms a giant robot that kicks ass.

    OVerall: It's an awesome show, ith a very intersting premise, and I really want a little more focus on the war & G3. 9/10.
  • Engage, Sym-Bionic Titan!!!

    Genndy you've done it again, you've created the next great cartoon since Samurai Jack and Dexter's Laboratory!

    Sym-Bionic Titan is pretty much the cartoon that Cartoon Network has been needing for a very long time. It doesn't quite fill in the gap that the cancellations of all the original Cartoon Cartoon's created but it does make CN alot more enjoyable!

    The plot mostly focuses on Princess Nana, Lance and Octus who're refugees from their home planet Galaluna which has been taken over by an evil force known as the Mutradi. The Mutradi are the main antagonists in this show aswell as a traitor of the Galalunians known as Modula who was once a hero has now become an evil son of a gun.

    Meanwhile the main trio are on Earth in a town which I think may be called Shermanville, I'm unsure as of yet but their school is called Sherman High. They learn about Earth customs, go to school and learn how to use the Sym-Bionic Titan by uniting heart, body and mind. During this transformation the military intervene and although the Sym-Bionic is helping them they choose to attack (which is typical for most self centerd human leaders) Anyways, this show is brilliant and I recommend it to anyone who loves the classic Cartoon Network, it incorporates some modern aspects but most of all it's a modern day representation of the golden age of Cartoon Network, let's hope this isn't the last...

    10/10 = A+
  • Heart, Body and Mind Equals Sym-Bionic Titan!

    Genndy Tartakovsky has once again created another one of the best action-packed animated series on Cartoon Network. Unlike "Samurai Jack", Sym-Bionic Titan is mainly about three extraterrestrial characters from a distant alien planet bend within the environment on Earth as well as the life of high school. Meanwhile on Galaluna, the Galalunan general who rebelled against the king using a bunch of monstrous creatures called the Mutradi plots to capture the princess Ilana while the royal elite guard Lance and their bio-cybernetic robot ally keep her from harm's way. When trouble approaches Earth, they form into what they call the "Sym-Bionic Titan" hence the name of this awesome new show. Lance appears to be very protective of Ilana that he would go through incredible lengths by beating up anybody who would simply just try to be neighborly of the Crown Princess because he is just doing this by orders of the king, Ilana's father. Octus seems to be adapting to the Earthly human culture almost perfectly, and he is able to execute his holographic disguising unit to avoid suspicion coming of the earthlings. Before conglomerating into Sym-Bionic Titan, Lance enters into his mechanized armory system he calls "Manus" and the same goes for Ilana while she names hers "Corus". What makes Sym-Bionic Titan so killer is that Lance and Ilana focus their thoughts on their giant bio-cybernetic robot. For instance, when Lance concentrates on using a sword, a bladed weapon forms in the Titan's hands and begins slashing at the enemy.

    I'd like to thank Genndy Tartakovsky along with Bryan Andrews and Paul Rudish for creating this series. This is way better than any other shows with robots, "Megas XLR", "My Life as a Teenage Robot", "Whatever Happened to Robot Jones", etc. Lance is a really cool guy with mad martial arts skills, Ilana is so cute and hot, and Octus is far more intelligent and advanced than any other robots. The quote about how the heart, body, and mind come together is inspiring to our alien superheroes. While I still like "Samurai Jack" and hoped that he'll destroy Aku someday, Sym-Bionic Titan has just been added to my list of favorite action-packed animated programmings. I wonder though… What would happen if Sym-Bionic Titan and "Invader Zim" meet face-to-face?