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YTV (ended 2001)


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System Crash

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This television series features weekly "Lambton Reports" which was designed by teenagers at Lambton High, and the groups' reporters travel across the school to find out about the school's condition and the students' problems to entertain other students. Instead of a school newspaper, the Media club makes a comedy video show of all the bizarre stuff that goes on. Their goal is to have more viewers than the other entertainment groups in the school. So, they must choose interesting ideas, everything that is going on in the school such as sports information, losers, other news, and the history of some of the strangest students of Lambton in the past. The show goes on the closed circuit TV station at lunch hour, but sometimes the media club get distracted by bad lunches, school bullies, and unexpected detentions.

BEAU The preppy, "every hair in place" practical joker of the group. He may look cute and innocent, but don't turn your back on this guy! Beau is also a budding millionaire, with his Lambton Shopping Channel segments, designed to sell the whole school useless trinkets and new age cures.

ZOE The politically aware, vegetarian, sensitive one of the bunch. She is always looking for new causes to become active in. The TV show is a way to help her save the world. Her Parent Service Announcements are designed to help parents learn how to keep their kids from embarrassment.

JAMES The ultimate class clown. He's the new kid but has no problem making friends, and his being disrespectful to teachers only adds to his popularity. James pretends he's not afraid of anything, but he will cave in at the slightest threat. His nervousness is covered up with practical jokes, but he really wants to please everyone and fit in.

SAMANTHA Just moved to Lambton with her family, who sometimes stifles her individuality. At school, she's the most down-to-earth one of the pack. She doesn't fall victim to the latest trends and can see right through people's fakery. Although she can be sarcastic at times, Samantha can also be a loyal and helpful friend.

BOBBY With his quick comebacks and smart-alec remarks, he usually makes short work of them. He's also very talented in manipulating people - one of those being his Vice-Principal mom. All in all, though, Bobby does have a heart of gold beneath that tough exterior.