System Crash

YTV (ended 2001)


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  • a group of students explore the bizzare world of high school in various funny skits

    I really liked this show when I was young. Espcially the skits. I had alot favorites which include burbaum helps in which he answers peoples help letters but ends up doing more harm than good. Another one was the advisor in which the main helps people but ends up hurting or embaressing her cilents. Fly on the wall was another reccuring segment in which the characters take a look at what happens behind closed doors through hidden cameras( a funny example is where they were finding out why girls go to the bathroom in pairs) It was favorite show on ytv so is was bummed when it got cancelled
  • One of the most original shows ever!

    System Crash was a show about a bunch of students that would do the news called the Lampton Report. This show was really original especially coming from Canada! The cast was new young faces that had talent in them. My favorite season was the first one because it was the best season. Burnbaum, Tech, Kyle, Zoe, Carla, and Bridget. They did parodies of movies and tv shows, they did their own movie trailers, the extras were regulars in the sketches.
    The sketches talk about bullies, mean principals, profiles on students, movie trailers, the reporters had their own shows.
    The show was very original and I wish they'd bring it back just so I can watch another "Ask Burnbaum"!
    If this show was done by Nickelodeon it would last alot longer!
  • bring it back were did it go?!?!?

    This television series features weekly "Lambton Reports" which was designed by teenagers at Lambton High, and the groups' reporters travel across the school to find out about the school's condition and the students' problems to entertain other students. Instead of a school newspaper, the Media club makes a comedy video show of all the bizarre stuff that goes on. Their goal is to have more viewers than the other entertainment groups in the school. So, they must choose interesting ideas, everything that is going on in the school such as sports information, losers, other news, and the history of some of the strangest students of Lambton in the past. The show goes on the closed circuit TV station at lunch hour, but sometimes the media club get distracted by bad lunches, school bullies, and unexpected detentions.
    awww i miss it :(