T-Bag (1985) - Season 1

ITV (ended 1985)


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  • Back To Square One
    Back To Square One
    Episode 10
    Debbie and T-shirt run back through the lands to get back to the start to put the letters on the chest but when they try nothing happens. T-Bag then reveals that she has the golden letter T's in her T-Bag so she has won the game as Debbie can not get all the letters. Will Debbie be able to get the golden T's and complete the legend on the magic chest?moreless
  • Debbie In The Land Of E
    Debbie and T-Shirt arrive in the final land of the board game, the Land of E, where there is a competition to make the Emperor laugh as he is a melancholy person who never laughs, Debbie and T-Shirt plan their act to make the Emperor laugh to claim his chain with all the Golden Letter E's as their prize.moreless
  • Debbie In The Land Of O
    Fife ‘o Clock can not get his clock to work properly in the Land of O. When Debbie arrives he thinks she is the assistant T-Bag promised him to help get the clock working again.
  • Debbie In The Land Of V
    Debbie and T-Shirt run to the Land of V, there Debbie meets Vic the Vampire and the wise old Vulture but T-Shirt stays outside the cave where he finds the golden letter V on an arrow but when he drops it in a patch of sleeping violets he goes to sleep whilst trying to find it so T-Bag disguises herself as T-Shirt to get Debbie's golden letters.moreless
  • Debbie In The Land Of R
    Debbie is accosted by Rascally Roger in the Land of R where he takes her letters back to his ship ‘The Rhubarb'. Rascally Roger takes the letters with his golden letter R to a secret hiding place on the land.
  • Debbie In The Land Of P
    Debbie arrives in the Land of P where she meets Polar Pete, they go back to his hut out of the freezing cold. Debbie sees a painting of the Golden P Polar Pete has done so he takes Debbie to where he saw it. When T-Bag freezes the letter P in a block of ice Debbie can not get to it!moreless
  • Debbie In The Land Of I
    In the Land Of I Debbie meets Indiana Inkspot, he is looking for the treasure of the Inkers. Debbie and Indiana team up to find the treasure and the golden I.
  • Debbie In The Land Of S
    Debbie meets up with Skipper McKipper in the Land of S. When he reels in the golden letter S he throws it back into the sea. Debbie and Skipper McKipper go into the sea where Seraphina the Seasprite has found the golden letter S.
  • Debbie In The Land Of B
    Debbie and the Gardner arrive in the Land of B where a guard by the name of Balthazar is blocking the way for T-Bag but he will let Debbie pass if she can guess his name.
  • Arrival In Letterland
    Debbie stumbles upon a curiosity shop on her way home from school. Inside she finds a board game called 'Wonders In Letterland', she finds a Gardner in the board game who tells her about an evil witch called T-Bag who is making their lives a misery. Debbie thinks small and appears in the board game and decides to help the Gardner by collecting up the missing golden letters from the chest in the first square of the board game and her quest begins!moreless