T-Bag and the Rings of Olympus

ITV (ended 1991)


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T-Bag and the Rings of Olympus

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This is the seventh of nine series of T-Bag. Tabatha Bag is back, this time in Mount Olympus in Greece (inside a greek vase in the curiosity shop). When T-Bag and T-Shirt are expelled from Mount Olympus by the Goddess Athena, they set up the new T-Room in the Minotaur's cave and plan to get the ten Rings of Olympus which give Athena her power. T-Shirt tricks Polly-Zena, a servant girl, into handing over the rings. As Athena comes in, the rings break apart and scatter on the floor, then Athena scatters them throughtout time and space. T-Bag then banishes Athena away and goes back to the T-Room. Polly-Zena then hears Athena telling her to collect the rings, the first, still on the ground, takes Polly to the next location where the next ring is.
Georgina Hale

Georgina Hale

T. Bag (Tabatha Bag)

John Hasler

John Hasler


Natalie Wood

Natalie Wood

Polly (Polly Zena)

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  • A side-splitting series of T-Bag. One of the funniest series! Not to be missed!

    A great follow up to the last series (T. Bag and The Pearls of Wisdom) but there is now a dramatic change. John Hasler (T. Shirt/Thomas) has now grown up, and now a teenager the roles of T. Shirt and T. Bag are well and truly reversed, T. Shirt now the sensible one and T. Bag the comedy clown. And what a clever twist this role reversal proves as this leads to some truly classic scenes between T. Shirt (John Hasler) and T. Bag (Georgina Hale).

    The series seems slightly darker in humour and scene. The murky minotaur’s cave, a haunted Transylvania, streets of London and Victorian England make a dramatic and almost (although the scenery itself belies this) epic scene.

    Georgina Hale’s character of Tabatha Bag is becoming more of her own and is evolving in to a new character and not just a replica of Elizabeth Estensen’s Tallulah Bag (from the first five series of T. Bag). This new crazier and zanier T. Bag is so enjoyable to watch. T. Bag’s madcap schemes and scams get even funnier, the jokes and one-liners even more side-splitting, the subtleties interwoven into the series even more clever.

    Put simply a must see for any T. Bag fan and any child of the 80’s/early 90’s. One of my favourite T. Bag series from the Tabatha Bag era.

    The final series of T-Bag sees the series make the most dramatic of changes, the general story completely changed. Instead of a girl protagonist collecting up items before T. Bag can is gone. T. Bag must follow a series of time-space co-ordinates to find ‘The greatest gift of all’ for her 1000th birthday. This takes the edge of T. Bag’s wickedness. Although the series was enjoyable to watch the change alienated its roots but maybe a change of story was needed for the series. It’s a shame this was the last series as a change in the main story could have evolved the series for future generations. A tenth series although planned would never materialise and so this is the only glimpse of the series taking a new direction.

    Apart from the change of the underlying story, the laughs, jokes and one-liners are all present and correct. The great episodes, varying from one extreme to another, every week are still cleverly written and fantastically brought to the screen from the cast and crew.

    An often criticised series but in my opinion it is one of the funniest off-the-wall series. The series still remains very enjoyable for the brave new direction it took. A must see if only to see how T-Bag reaches it’s own conclusion!

    To find out more about this and the other series of T. Bag check out my High-T Website: http://www.angelfire.com/rings/tbag/index.htmlmoreless