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T-Bag and the Sunstones of Montezuma

ITV (ended 1992)


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T-Bag and the Sunstones of Montezuma

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The tea-drinking, power crazed witch by the name of T-Bag (Tabatha Bag) is on a quest, along with her T-Caddy T-Shirt, to recover the powerful Sunstones of Montezuma which can grant her the power of the sun! Penny and her father though vow to stop her by scattering the Sunstones throughout time and space. Penny then goes through many wierd and wacky worlds to collect the sunstones up to destroy them so T-Bag can't use them for her evil intentions.
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  • Another classic series of T-Bag!

    Another big change for another series – the curiosity shop from all the previous series of T-Bag is gone and the story starts with Kit Bag and Sir Paisley Shirt finding a Montezuma temple and Kit Bag getting trapped inside. Cut to the modern day with T. Bag and T. Shirt in a flying (cup and) saucer reading Sir Paisley’s diary. Then T. Bag realises she is over the same very spot of the temple and the powerful Sunstones of Montezuma. T. Bag tries to get the Sunstones from the temple but Diggory and Penny (the archaeologist and his daughter they meet also searching for the Sunstones) foil T. Bag’s plan of getting the power of the sun from the Sunstones by scattering them through time and space (sound familiar already). Cue a frantic chase to get the Sunstones between T. Bag and T. Shirt and Diggory’s daughter Penny.

    Although the main essence of T. Bag is seen throughout – the laughs, japes, unusual locations, bizarre situations and cunning guises – the series seems somewhat lacking, there is just something missing. This was never my favourite series of T. Bag but still thoroughly entertaining and worth watching. There still are some classic moments in the series and some truly classic lines (mainly from the utterly fantastic Georgina Hale) delivered with perfection often with side splitting consequences.

    Was it that the basic story (now used seven times before) was getting somewhat overused or that I was growing up or some other reason why I found it slightly lacking? The series just seemed to be missing that certain spark.

    The series is a great part of the T. Bag phenomena but perhaps wasn’t as good as it could have been. If you’ve seen any of the other series then this series is a must – if only to see T. Shirt bossing T. Bag around!

    To find out more about this and the other series of T. Bag check out my High-T Website: http://www.angelfire.com/rings/tbag/index.htmlmoreless