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It is the day before Tabatha Bag's 1000th Birthday but the only gift Tabatha Bag receives is a golden envelope with co-ordinates that will lead her to 'The Greatest Gift Of All'. So off T-Bag goes in her flying cup and saucer with her trusted T-Caddy, T-Shirt and his cousin Tow-Ling Shirt, leaving Granny Bag and Doggy Bag at Chateau Bag. At each new destination the trio find another golden envelope with a further set of co-ordinates. Will T-Bag ever find 'The Greatest Gift Of All'. The journey will take them to Baghdad, Egypt, Deep Space, Hollywood and many more bizarre locations.
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  • The final series of T-Bag takes a new direction making it the even more enjoyable to watch. Don't miss out on seeing this!

    The final series of T-Bag sees the series make the most dramatic of changes, the general story completely changed. Instead of a girl protagonist collecting up items before T. Bag can is gone. T. Bag must follow a series of time-space co-ordinates to find ‘The greatest gift of all’ for her 1000th birthday. This takes the edge of T. Bag’s wickedness. Although the series was enjoyable to watch the change alienated its roots but maybe a change of story was needed for the series. It’s a shame this was the last series as a change in the main story could have evolved the series for future generations. A tenth series although planned would never materialise and so this is the only glimpse of the series taking a new direction.

    Apart from the change of the underlying story, the laughs, jokes and one-liners are all present and correct. The great episodes, varying from one extreme to another, every week are still cleverly written and fantastically brought to the screen from the cast and crew.

    An often criticised series but in my opinion it is one of the funniest off-the-wall series. The series still remains very enjoyable for the brave new direction it took. A must see if only to see how T-Bag reaches it’s own conclusion!

    To find out more about this and the other series of T. Bag check out my High-T Website: http://www.angelfire.com/rings/tbag/index.htmlmoreless
  • T. Bag, a woman who owns a space ship shaped like a tea pot, journys through space with her parenter T-shirt and T-shirts friend.

    Oh my Gosh!!!! I fully can't believe they had this. It's such an old series. I used to think it was fabtabulous!!!!! I have to admit in every episode you could tell that it was filmed in a tv set, and the special effects really sucked, and so did most of the plots as welll as the acting but it was screened in 1992, so you can't expect much from it......I really enjoyed this but i don't suggest that anyone watches it uase you will either spend 20mins of hell, or you will be laughing the whole time cause you think it sucks, you are right, but still it is a personal favourite!!!!moreless