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    • Cinema Suites: Long Beach, CA
      Season 4 - Episode 12
      Dianne Bennett has a Hollywood pedigree, having worked as a music gossip columnist for a leading Trade newspaper. But that Hollywood style is sorely lacking in her Bed and Breakfast, as Tabatha discovers when she checks in for the night and feels like she is tiptoeing around grandma’s house. To make matters worse, this B&B does not serve breakfast. Diane seems more concerned with her social calendar than she does saving her failing business, which is also her home! Can Tabatha make Dianne realize that she needs to focus more on her guests’ experience than her own Hollywood nightlife in time to save her livelihood?moreless
    • Plush Salon: Chatsworth, Calif.
      Season 2 - Episode 5
      Tabatha has her hands full when an unwavering, unsympathetic salon owner, Nikki, becomes Tabatha's next project. The unhappy staff agrees to sit down with Tabatha, their boss, and a mediator. Will their impossible work environment be addressed and amended or will Nikki be unwilling to change her ways? And when Nikki jumps down Tabatha's throat, will Tabatha walk away from the project?moreless
    • 3/6/12
      Eighty-four year old Flavio Bisignano was a legend when he opened his beauty school over 50 years ago. But now he's ready to hand over the reins to his daughter Tiana, who grew up going to visit the school but is not a hairdresser. Tabatha is appalled to discover that this school is failing miserably because the teachers are not teaching and the students are uninspired and bored. The less the teachers care, the more the students skip class and now they aren't passing their exams. To make matters worse, Tiana hides out in her office with her head buried in the sand. Can Tabatha give Tiana and the staff the kick they need to inspire their students and save Flavio's legacy?moreless
    • 1/31/12
      Pat Duke opened her old-school, southern beauty shop over 24 years ago, but after she expanded and doubled her staff to bulk up her business, her veteran stylists walked out, leaving her emotionally and financially devastated. Tabatha discovers that Pat hasn't recovered from the betrayal and is not communicating with her remaining staff at all. And to make matters worse, the entire team has lost sight of how to be professional. Can Tabatha help Pat turn around her attitude and her business before she has to close up shop for good?moreless
    • Images Salon: Oyster Bay, NY
      Season 1 - Episode 4
      Tabatha takes on the Images Salon of Oyster Bay, NY.
    • Salon Tika: Rockville Centre, NY
      Season 1 - Episode 5
      With the owner unable to work her spoiled daughters run the salon, until Tabatha's visit that is.
    • De Cielo Salon: Burbank, CA
      Season 1 - Episode 2
      Tabatha takes on the De Cielo Spa and Salon in Burbank, CA.
    • Episode 7
      Episode 7
      Season 2 - Episode 7
      This week's challenge puts Tabatha in a male-only salon with a staff that refuses to open its doors to women. Moreover, the staff has vowed to only spend 30 minutes (tops) on a high-end haircut. Will Tabatha get these narrow-minded employees to open up to positive change? Or will they remain stuck in their ways?moreless
    • Ten Salon: Long Beach, CA
      Season 1 - Episode 1
      Tabatha visits the Ten Salon in Long Beach to teach her skills to the local stylists.
    • Candolyn's Salon: Los Angeles, CA
      Season 1 - Episode 8
      Tabatha must help out Candolyn and her out of control staff before customers walk out the door for good.
    • Jungle Red: Minneapolis, MN
      Season 4 - Episode 1
      Suzanne Erickson owns Jungle Red salon but she seems more interested in acting like a teenager than a boss, which is why her staff are out of control and she has started to put most of the responsibility on her daughter Kari. To make matters worse, Tabatha is quick to discover that Jungle Red is a failing salon by day and the owner's home by night. Tabatha has to motivate Suzanne to grow up and stop relying on her daughter to manage her staff so that Kari is free to pursue her own dreams.moreless
    • 3/13/12
      Domestic partners Tee Sorge and Tania Raskin tried to translate their passion for dogs into a doggie daycare and grooming business, but they quickly learned that it wasn't as easy as they thought. Now they are on the verge of losing everything as Tabatha quickly discovers that Tania is a management nightmare who is alienating the staff and Tee has no backbone. Their arguments about how to manage the business are spilling over onto the staff.moreless
    • 1/24/12
      Since the death of her mother, Aisha McKenzie has been taking her anger out on her staff and the atmosphere has turned her upscale multicultural salon "boughetto." To make matters worse, Tabatha discovers that Aisha's anger isn't the only problem in the salon. The staff have become loud, unprofessional and out of control. Tabatha must help Aisha get past her grief to run her business again and help the staff to respect her if Beyond Hair Salon is going to survive.moreless
    • Tabatha only has one week to turn a everyday party guy into a man of business.
    • Allure: Miami, Fla.
      Season 2 - Episode 2
    • Hairlab: Woodland Hills, CA
      Season 1 - Episode 7
      Tabatha must reform Kathy's out of control stylists and update her marketing plans before the "Hairlab" is forced to close its doors.
    • Salon Bridgette: Swedesboro, NJ
      Season 4 - Episode 6
      It's a family affair at Salon Bridgette, where Bridgette Orcutt, the passive aggressive owner, treats her enabling mother like a maid and allows her spoiled daughter to get away with everything. Tabatha will need to deal with everything from a stylist who comes to work unprepared to assistants who aren't given the encouragement to get behind the chair. But her biggest challenge will be to motivate Bridgette to change her negative ways so she can start motivating her team.moreless
    • 9/25/08
      Tabatha confronts an owner who lacks both styling expertise and a backbone for business.
    • Sweetgrass: Atlanta, Ga
      Season 4 - Episode 10
      Chiropractor Tim Tschirhart has a vision for building more than a salon and spa. He wants to have a holistic wellness center that treats people inside and out. Unfortunately, his message is getting lost in translation. When Tabatha arrives she discovers a hippie owner who wants to treat his staff like a “community” and is at odds with his aggressive manager who is driving away his staff. Can Tabatha teach Tim how to communicate with his staff and make Brian an effective manager in time to save this failing vision?moreless
    • H Design: Minneapolis, MN
      Season 4 - Episode 7
      Stockbroker owner Brian Honn seems to have no idea why his salon suffered a massive walk-out and has no idea that he is about to suffer another one. Tabatha, answering the frustrated managers' plea for help, discovers unhappy stylists and an owner who claims he doesn't do anything wrong. And Tabatha has only one week to give Brian the wake-up call he needs and inspire the staff to step up in order to save him from another walk-out that will shutter his business.moreless
    • Chill: Ventura, CA
      Season 4 - Episode 5
      Sande Cranford and Jim Wright own Chill, a failing yogurt shop that has added coffee, baked goods, sandwiches, you name it to the menu. Jim runs a successful bar and Jim's daughter runs a successful pizza shop both of which are right around the corner. But Sande's effort to turn her love of yogurt into a business is failing miserably.Their products are low quality, their staff is unprofessional, and their business is unfocused. Can Tabatha get to the bottom of what this business should focus on selling and help Sande become a boss before Chill drags down their other more successful businesses too?moreless
    • Chicago Male: Chicago, Ill.
      Season 2 - Episode 8
      Tabatha coming to her breaking point? It sure seems like it when she flips out on the employees during her latest salon takeover! When the employees make classic, lazy, and amateur mistakes, Tabatha gets fed up. Will she give up or will she pull it together to whip them into shape?moreless
    • Club Ripples: Long Beach, CA
      Season 4 - Episode 2
      Club Ripples, the first gay dance club in Long Beach, CA, is owned by couple Larry Hebert and John Garcia. Ripples used to be the gay hot spot, but now it's empty seven nights a week and they blame the competition and their staff. Tabatha quickly discovers the real problems are John's penny pinching business practices and Larry's crazy club rules. To make matters worse, the bar has a bad reputation in the community and the employees' suggestions are falling on deaf ears. Can Tabatha get John and Larry to change their stubborn ways in order to save a Long Beach gay icon and bring it into the new millennium?moreless
    • NexGen Barber Shop
      Season 5 - Episode 4
      NexGen barbershop in Murfreesboro Tennessee was once known as the place to go if you needed to maintain your mane or a five o'clock shadow. All that has changed since owner Mike Garcia abandoned his business for nearly a year to work with a youth ministry in another state. As Mike's passion for ministry grew, his wife Layla and his barbers were left to manage the shop as best as they could. With customers coming in at a snail's pace, morale was low, tensions were high and Nexgen dwindled down to a thing of the past. Before Mike knew it, his barbers staged a walk out causing Mike to be angry, bitter and left his wife to pick up the pieces. With the business on the verge of a meltdown, Tabatha must step in to clear the air and help Mike turn this once bustling business, into the upscale barber shop it was intended to be.moreless
    • Top Cuts
      Season 5 - Episode 3
      Top Cuts salon in Bethpage, New York is far closer to the bottom than the top. After leaving her business to battle breast cancer, owner and former Tabatha prot?g?, Chris Smith, is scared to return to work, and tries to run her salon with an iron fist from the comforts of her home. With Chris's front desk receptionist acting as her eyes and ears when she isn't around, Chris is really hiding a much bigger secret that explains why she knows everything that goes on in her salon. When Tabatha arrives, she steps into a battle zone between a disgruntled manager who feels unappreciated, a loyal receptionist who is labeled a snitch, and a staff who have ironically nicknamed the salon "Chop Cuts." Tabatha has one week to help her former student rediscover her passion, and get her to understand that in order to be a leader and save her business, she can't have someone else's eyes do the following.moreless
    • VIP Nightclub
      Season 5 - Episode 2
      VIP Nightclub in Riverside, California was once the talk of the town, known for its fabulous, fierce drag shows, it also doubled up as a hip gay nightclub with lines out the door. But time has been unkind to this Riverside landmark. When Tabatha arrives, she is welcomed by three stubborn owners, whose spirits have been broken by their rundown business. These grumpy unmotivated owners, along with an indifferent staff, and a club filled with rotting furniture are taking this business closer to shutting its doors for good. Tabatha embarks on a mission to get the drag queens back on their rightful throne. By changing the owner's antiquated attitudes and straightening out the staff, Tabatha hopes to turn this outdated dive back into the VIP hotspot it once was.moreless
    • Salon Mogulz
      Season 5 - Episode 1
      Tabatha kicks off season five when she visits the up and coming area of East Nashville, Tennessee where celebrity stylist Tanzy Clark Wright's salon Mogulz is in a tizzy. Although Tanzy has been a pillar of her African-American community for years, she has struggled to evolve her business to attract the diverse clientele that now inhabit the booming area. Not only has the salon fallen out of touch with the community, the pregnant shopaholic Tanzy has lost her drive, her money and control of her staff. To save Tanzy's salon, Tabatha must get her to step up, be responsible and lead her and her staff to embrace the diverse wave of the future.moreless
    • Summers Sports Bar
      Season 5 - Episode 5
      Willie and Mary Jimenez fulfilled their American dream when they opened up Summers Sports Bar in beautiful Manhattan Beach, California. Sadly after Willie's passing, Mary has been left to keep up the family business along with her two young irresponsible sons. The tides have turned causing the former successful beach bar to sink fast. Sloppy service, worn down interiors and a son that drinks away the profits, have left the coveted prime piece of beachfront real estate in shambles. With Mary unable to run the bar with an iron fist as her late husband, she calls in Tabatha for reinforcement. Can Tabatha help this matriarch get her sons and staff to step up and revive this once popular beachfront bar?moreless
    • Bombshells Salon and Spa
      Season 5 - Episode 6
      Jennifer Norfleet and Tiffany Crawford are best friends turned business partners. However, Bombshells Salon and Spa is about to implode. Tiffany treats the business like her personal piggy bank, while Jennifer puts her blood, sweat and tears into the salon only to never receive a paycheck. With a staff that prefers to party rather than prep their stations, the business is on the brink of failure. Tabatha must lay down the law to turn these two owners into a united front, mend their friendship and salvage their business.moreless
    • Nadia's Family Salon
      Season 5 - Episode 11
      Nadia's Family Salon in Englishtown, New Jersey was once a close-knit team of stylists that were more like family than colleagues. Owner Kevin Lichen's passion for his salon led to a successful business that won the hearts of his staff and the business of customers. Within a few short years, all that changed. Kevin's absence from the salon, his gambling addiction, anger issues and poor communication skills, have driven the salon down the steep road towards failure. The stylists no longer respect Kevin and have made a mockery of him in his own salon. Tabatha must get Kevin to take control of himself and the salon in order to be the business owner his staff needs him to be.moreless
    • Studio 157
      Season 5 - Episode 10
      Photographer and former Miss West Virginia pageant beauty queen, Jenn Cady knows the ins and outs of glitz and glam. However, having perfect hair and a million dollar smile couldn't help her when she opened up a combined photography studio and hair salon. This passive, people-pleasing owner has no rules, no structure and sells everything from jeans to jewelry in her salon. To make matters worse, Jenn has handed over management to her best friend and her daughter. Instead of making things better, the mother-daughter duo constantly feud with the staff, causing major strife and a division within the studio. Tabatha must weed through the fighting and drama in order to get Jenn back on her throne and become the take-charge owner she needs to be.moreless
    • ManiKir Royale
      Season 5 - Episode 9
      CJ "Meowww" Barnes opened up her nail salon two years ago in hipster North Hollywood, California. Like every girly-girl, CJ loved getting her nails done so much, that without any experience in the nail industry, she decided to open her own salon. However, CJ quickly learned that going to get your nails done and owning a nail shop are two completely different things. With her bills at an all-time high and her staff's morale at record low, CJ compensates her lack of experience by giving a bucket-load of excuses, belittling her staff and lying to clients. To make matters worse, a filthy workplace, lackluster service and a staff with little experience have driven the customers away. Can Tabatha help CJ put her best foot forward and put some "purr" back into this business?moreless
    • Cafe Treats
      Season 5 - Episode 8
      Veronica de Messina hoped Café Treats in Sherman Oaks, California, would hit the sweet spot with customers. Unfortunately, her cafe has garnered the reputation for leaving a bad taste in people's mouths. Veronica thought that her large Mexican food menu, coffee, teas and juices with a Moroccan theme would have the formula for success. However, Veronica's lack of experience in the food industry, her abrasive management style, and unfocused menu has been a recipe for disaster. Tabatha must get Veronica to hone in her passion, get the staff up-to-par and size down the menu before Café Treats becomes a business gone bust.moreless
    • House of Synergy
      Season 5 - Episode 7
      A masseur by trade, Reg Mangone is the owner of House of Synergy Salon and Spa in beautiful Long Beach, California. Unlike its name, "Synergy" as a business is lacking some serious harmony. Reg has extended his business to provide a plethora of other services including teeth-whitening and "vajazzling." With an owner who's unclear and unfocused, the staff treats Reg more like a doormat than a boss. Reg has lost control of his business and respect for himself. Tabatha must get him to find his backbone, step-up and take control of what's his. Can Tabatha empower Reg to make House of Synergy into the Salon-Spa that he dreamed it would be?moreless
    • Salon Deco: Atlanta, GA
      Season 4 - Episode 11
      Absentee owner, Kim Krohn, has an "I don’t care attitude" that has poisoned her staff and left her salon rudderless. Even though her house is in foreclosure, Kim barely spends time in her failing salon, and her staff have checked out too. When Tabatha tries to show Kim that she needs to be present because actions speak louder than words, Kim is resistant to stepping up. Will Tabatha be able to give Kim and her husband a huge wake-up call they need to save the salon and hopefully their home?moreless
    • Christopher Hill: Brentwood, CA
      Season 3 - Episode 2
      Tim and Alexis Byk took over Christopher Hill salon eighteen months ago with no prior salon experience. They wrongly assumed that their MBAs and corporate backgrounds would be enough to run the struggling business. But with no respect for hairdressers or the hair industry, they are driving the staff away, and the salon into the ground. Tabatha schools these elitist owners in all things hair, and empowers the beaten down staff. But will Alexis and Tim see the error of their ways and change their attitudes in time to save their salon?moreless
    • Mia Bella: San Bruno, CA
      Season 3 - Episode 1
      Cindy and Marjorie Phun opened up Mia Bella salon four years ago as a way to support themselves and their younger sisters, Karen and Janet. But Karen and Janet take the salon for granted, which sends Cindy over the edge in front of clients. Bringing their family drama into the salon is alienating their staff and ruining their business. Tabatha moves in with the Phun sisters for the night to stage a family intervention in order to save the salon and their relationships.moreless
    • 1/12/10
      Janeen Nufer invested her life savings and her mother's retirement nest egg to open Earth Moon Sun with her sister. When her sister suddenly abandoned the business, Nufer was left without a lead stylist, and as a result, the salon is going down hill fast. On top of this, she has become co-dependant with her terse salon manager, Nicole, who neglects the main responsibility of her job - customer care. Tabatha steps in to help Nufer release all of her pent up frustrations and show her the ropes on how to be a leader for her team. With Nufer a changed woman, Tabatha now just has to transform both a hostile manager and a stylist she calls one of the worst hairdressers she has ever seen.moreless
    • Brownes and Co.: Miami, FL
      Season 2 - Episode 6
      When Nikki Mallon and her husband opened Brownes and Co. ten years ago, it was the hottest salon on Lincoln Road in South Beach. Over the years, Mallon has grown frustrated with her staff and runs her salon remotely, watching their every move from home on surveillance cameras. On the rare occasions when she is in the salon, her staff is terrified of her wrath. The oppressive atmosphere has killed staff morale and driven away customers. Tabatha quickly realizes that Mallon's negative attitude is the problem, but trying to convince her that she needs to change will be one of Tabatha's greatest challenges. If Mallon doesn't start to respect and encourage her staff, Brownes and Co. may not survive.moreless
    • Vendome: Houston, Tx
      Season 3 - Episode 3
      Tabatha faces her toughest challenge yet: five owners in one salon! These five feuding owners make for one big problem in this upscale Texas location. Their selfish attitudes and bad customer service are driving away high-end clientele, and now the salon is behind in rent and on the verge of closing its doors. Tabatha needs to help these owners learn to work as a team and take responsibility for their business, but will they be able to change in time?moreless
    • West End: Provincetown, MA
      Season 3 - Episode 4
      Dougie Freeman relies on his crazy shtick to drum up business during the short tourist season in this gay resort destination. But his outrageous behavior is actually driving away potential customers. Pushing 60 and working 18 hours days, 7 days a week, Dougie turns to Tabatha to help him make his salon profitable so he can step away from the chair to enjoy life. But despite having the support of his staff, Tabatha has her hands full trying to reform Dougie and his diva prot??g?? Robbie.moreless
    • Avanti: Boston, MA
      Season 3 - Episode 5
      Alex Iacobacci has ignored his responsibilities and let his stylists run wild in his rundown Newbury Street salon. Located on the Rodeo Drive of Boston, their unprofessional behavior has driven away the high-end clientele, leaving the salon broke. Tabatha has to confront an insubordinate staff and a push-over owner who thinks the salon should run itself. She challenges them to change their unprofessional ways and strive to make the their salon worthy of the "Best of Boston" list. But can Alex step up and lead his staff in time to save his business?moreless
    • Where Are They Now?
      Season 3 - Episode 10
      Tabatha revisits some of her favorite and not-so-favorite salons from seasons one and two. Have they survived and thrived, or are they still struggling or, even worse, closed? Has Martino Cartier stopped licking his clients and started acting more professionally? Has Kimmie Blackhall curbed her shopping addiction and started paying her salon bills? Is Chicago Male servicing female clients? Is Tantrum salon cockroach free? Along the way, Tabatha leaves the owners and staff with some new recommendations for their continued success - and she even gets a marriage proposal!moreless
    • Concerto: Valencia, CA
      Season 3 - Episode 9
      Nik Nejad is an experienced stylist but a naive business owner. When he bought Concerto eighteen months ago, the salon had a strong reputation and a good location, but now he has run it into the ground. At a loss for what to do, Nik let one of his female stylists virtually take over his salon. But as an outspoken know-it-all, her abrasive behavior is alienating the rest of the staff. To add fuel to the fire, Nik's wife wants him to sell the business before it goes under. Tabatha needs to help Nik take back control of his salon and turn things around before it's too late. Will Nik step up or will he give up and close down shop?moreless
    • A Star Is Born: Mission Viejo, CA
      Season 3 - Episode 8
      Ever since her parents passed away, Joy Brandell has lost all the passion and drive for her once popular children's salon. She has checked out and so has her staff - they don't like doing hair and they don't like kids. To make matters worse, Joy expanded to do adult clients in the same space but no one is showing up, and the salon has become dirty and rundown. Joy admits that she doesn't even know if she wants to save her salon, creating a huge challenge for Tabatha. Will she be able to reignite this owner's passion for her business and her staff's passion for doing children's hair, or is it a lost cause?moreless
    • Bqute: Palmdale, CA
      Season 3 - Episode 7
      Shannon and Frank Peters are newlyweds and new business partners in the multi-cultural salon they opened together. But their salon is already struggling and their marriage is cracking under the stress of trying to save it. Frank is an ineffective manager because he splits his focus between five different businesses -- not to mention he's not a hairdresser. Shannon doesn't want to manage, but won't allow her husband to be the boss. Tabatha has to fix an out-of-control staff and a marriage on the brink, and turn this low-rent beauty shop into a high-end salon. But will she be able to save Shannon and Frank's business and their relationship?moreless
    • Where Are They Now?
      Season 5 - Episode 12
      On the season finale, Tabatha revisits the most memorable businesses from past seasons. Are they striving, struggling, or even worse, have they closed? Tabatha stops by Dr. Flavio's Beauty School in Torrance, California, to see if Flavio's 50-year old legacy has been kept intact by his daughter. In Long Beach, California, we'll check in to see if the party at Club Ripples has started back up and if the owners have regained the reputation of having the best gay nightclub in town. Has Avanti Salon on posh Newberry street in Boston Massachusetts survived? Has the owner stepped up to become a leader, or has he gone back to his old ways? In San Bruno California, the catty Phun sisters "work hard, play hard" ethic at their salon Mia Bella weighed heavily towards "play hard." Has the partying and cattiness subsided or are their claws out for more? Along the way, Tabatha leaves the owners and staff with new recommendations and even gets a few surprises along the way.moreless
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