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Bravo (ended 2013)


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  • If you are in need of a Salon Makeover, Tabatha is the one to call.

    Tabatha is something like a Military Sergeant/Salon Interior Decorator/ Business Consultant all in one. She don't play around when it comes to her opinion or business advice. When you see Tabatha enter a Salon, make sure everything is in supreme order starting with your employees. If it's not in order she will notice and you will know because she has no problem with telling it like it is. She has the ability to make any business that's on the verge of closing make a incredible come back. If you think you cannot handle constructive criticism then Tabatha is not the one to call. She can come off as rude and insulting and has no problem with you not liking her. If you want to watch a woman that stands her ground when doing her job then this is the show to watch. Her style for redecorating and helping a business is defiantly Tabitha Style.
  • I love to watch this show, as a salon owner it helps me with ideas and things we need to do with in our salon. Sometimes I feel like giving up, I walked into a salon that had been in business for 20 years and felt like an outsider with no respect.

    This show, has helped in many ways, I can't wait to be able to order the dvds of this show to show at our salon meetings, Sometimes you can talk with a staff, but they do not listen to what you have to say, if they hear the same things from someone else it makes a difference and I can see this in each salon she has taken over. When we bought this salon it was a lease salon and going under fast. I am slowly turning it into a commision vs. salary salon, and can see a big change in the year and half we have had it. I also know we have a long way to go.

    Great show keep up the good work

    I wish she could come to my shop and help work out the kinks as well.
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