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What Would Have Made the Show Better?

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    So I have been watching the show a lot lately on DVD and I realized that the show was bad because of ways that it deviated from Bewitched while trying to keep the same world alive.

    • First of all, where did Minverva come from? Why not use an aunt mentioned in Bewitched? Or, at least describe where she came from.
    • Second, where did Adam go in the second half of the season/series?
    • Third, the episodes were choppy; they did not flow as well as Bewitched. I think it has to do with the many subplots because of Minverva being a main character. While Endora was main on Bewitched, her life was revolved around Samantha's. In this show, Tabitha and Minverva worked around each other, and it was too much.
    • Fourth, Adam should have know about magic much more than he did because he grew up with it (even though he had no powers).
    • Fifth, Tabitha not knowing incantations could make sense because of her age, but again, she grew up around Endora and other relatives who taught her magic even though her parents were against it. I feel like she should have been able to use more incantations (on that note, how come the characters all looked up in this show when casting a spell, like they were reading or something?)

    These are just a few things that could have been altered to make the show better. Any other ideas?
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