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  • Good show, but needed to be kept within the world of "Bewitched."

    Good show, but it needed to keep with the world created by "Bewitched." Being that Tabitha was Samantha's daughter, certain things need to be done with the show to keep the way magic was understood similar to how Tabitha and Adam would have been brought up as children in "Bewitched." For instance, the motions for how magic was used could have been more diverse, and the way spells were cast needed work. Also, in the first episode, Adam seemed to fear magic like Darrin did, but Adam would have grown up with it, so the spells shouldn't have scared him so much. In the first episode, Tabitha is refered to as the "kid sister," when she is actually older. They should have explained Aunt Minerva's relation a little more. Oh, and by the second half of the season/series, Adam seemed to be non-existant.

    On a positive note, it was great that they brought back stars from "Bewitched," and that they made reference to Tabitha and Adam's childhood.