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  • Interesting but Limited Effort to Bring Back Bewitched

    I can't understand why shows like "Sabrina," "Out of This World" and "That's So Raven" can be hits with huge fan bases while "Tabitha" just seems to sit barely noticed in the corner. Lisa Hartman, later of "Knot's Landing," was a cute and sexy Tabitha even if the real Tabitha Erin Murphy was still a kid when this show was on. As Hartman once said, "If it hadn't been continually bumped for tv specials, it might have lasted." The problem was the show resorted to the more goofy and slapstick antics similar to "I Dream of Jeannie" and rest of the cast was just not very good; Robert Urich just couldn't do comedy very well. He was far more likeable as an action star; anyone recall "Vega$" or "Spenser For Hire?" Another thing is that there was not enough being done to connect it to "Bewitched" beyond forced cameos by the Kravitzes and Dr. Bombay. Every fan on that show can name all of Samantha's relatives, so just where did this "Aunt Minerva" come from; the actress that played her even played a witch on "Sabrina." Maybe she was a cousin like "Aunt Serena?" Another thing that affected the success of this series was that Elizabeth Montgomery had completely washed herself of her much-beloved Samantha character and decided repeatedly against playing her again. Maybe Tabitha is proof that one cannot go home again.