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  • Tabitha and Adam Stephens work for a Los Angeles television station. A very good spin-off from Bewtiched. Even if it is "out of chronological time of the series!

    The producers of this show realized quickly that they had made a mistake by trying to copy "Bewitched". Adam was made mortal, (if you remember, Adam had powers in Season 8 of "Bewitched"), and opposed to Tabitha using her powers. Then adding a character, Aunt Minerva, who tried to be Adam's "Endora". (Aunt Minerva was NEVER a character in "Bewitched") This did not work well, so as the series contiued in its 12 episode run, more characters from the orginal Bewitched series made appearances. Most notably, Abner and Gladys Kravitz, (Sandra Gould and George Tobias), and Dr. Bombay, (Bernard Fox). These appearances gave the show a much needed shot in the arm.

    Too bad it only lasted one season. I would love to have seen Tabitha's relationship progress with Paul, (played by Robert Urich). This is truly a classic show that deserved a longer life!