Season 1 Episode 0

Tabatha (Pilot #1)

Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Apr 24, 1976 on ABC

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  • If they had used this pilot it would have seems more like remade scripts from Bewitched.

    While they did get the fact that Adam was a warlock correct in this original pilot, in Bewitched he was much more reluctant to use his powers that in this pilot. Cliff running to the bar after he learns her news sounds just like Darren after learning Samatha was a witch. Couldn't they think of something new? I'm glad they didn't run with this version of the show. If they had it would have seemed more like redoing all the original episodes with a slight modification of characters. Especially with how Cliff acted about the news and what he accuses Tabitha of doing.

    I also like Lisa Hartman better as Tabitha than Liberty Williams who was in this pilot. Lisa seems to have a better flair for the part as well as looking more like Samatha and being blond like Tabitha.
  • The show is about after Tabitha moves away from Mom and Dad ( Darrin and Sammatha).

    Ok,Ok,People we all know the Series Bewitched is much better but i do have to say I have seen worse I mean it had a good storyline. They brought them both out on DVD but I only went for Beitched because it\'s a better series plus it lated a lot longer. I\'d have to say stick with Bewitched.I mean it\'s an ok show and every thing but it just did not have a chance. I just think it was a big peoce of cooton candy thay tried to make better but it just keep getting worse. So just stick woth Bewitched.
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