Season 1 Episode 12

Tabitha's Party

Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Jan 14, 1978 on ABC

Episode Recap

The witches' council has decided that mixed marriages are a good thing, and one witch-mortal marriage must occur every year. Tabitha is elected as this year's witch.

Aunt Minerva and the council's leader Cassandra encourage Tabitha to marry her boss--Paul. However, Paul has insulted Tabitha that very day, and she wants nothing ot do with him. Cassandra and Minerva decide that strong measures must be taken and create a love potion.

Paul and Tabitha's station is having a party. While there, Paul and Tabitha make up--but Minerva doesn't know this. So, she pours the love potion into the party's punch bowl. Neither Paul nor Tabitha want punch, but everyone else does. Minerva also tries to add the potion to the dip, but once again Tabitha thwarts her plans by not eating any.

Paul does, as does Nancy. The two make plans to elope to Las Vegas. Adam and Cassandra share some dip and fall in love. Producer Marvin Decker eats some, glances in a mirror, and falls in love with himself.

As the pasrty travels to the airport to see the engaged couples off, Tabitha learns from Minerva what happened. Unfortunately, Tabitha can't fix the powerful spell. Instead she calls the family doctor, Dr. Bombay, to come and help. He arrives with his nurse and a cure.

One problem remains, Cassandra insists that the council's orders be obeyed. luckily, Dr. Bombay's nure is mortal and he is happy to marry her. Thus, the edict is fullfilled.
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