Season 1 Episode 8

Tabitha's Triangle

Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Dec 24, 1977 on ABC

Episode Recap

Ted Bingham, candidate for State Senate, appears on Paul's talk show. However, Paul seems uncommonly hostile.

After the show finishes taping, Bingham makes it clear that he only agreed to be on the show because of his attraction to Tabitha. Tabitha is also taken with the handsome politician and uses magic to change the departure time of his plane, ensuring that he has time to ask her to dinner.

Aunt Minerva is convinced that Paul's hostility was due to Tabitha's infatuation with Ted. She warns Tabitha of her suspicions. That night Ted invites Tabitha to San Francisco, where he wines and dines her. The pressure is on to become the politician's wife. However, Tabitha feels uneasy about the quickness of the romance and shares her reservations with Minerva.

Ted is invited to return to Paul's talk show. Tabitha, uncomfortable with the tension between the two men, invites both Paul and Ted to dinner. Minerva decides to use the dinner to determine which suitor is sincere. She casts a truth spell on the man bearing carnations. Unfortunately, both men arrive with carnation bouquets. The spell becomes horribly twisted, and no one is sure who is under a spell and who is not.

During the night, it becomes increasingly clear that both men are unable to tell a lie. Ted admits on air that he has the backing of a tax evader. But Paul's admission is even bigger, he's in love with Tabitha.

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