Season 1 Episode 9

That New Black Magic

Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Dec 31, 1977 on ABC

Episode Recap

A beautiful young witch, Portia, visits Tabitha. Unfortunately, Portia made Tabitha's school years unpleasant, and the witch hasn't changed. Portia attemps to seduce happily married producer Marvin Decker.

When Portia's seduction attempt fails, she tries a different attack. The next day a gift arrives at the station for Marvin, a fancy red velvet coat. When he puts it on, his personality transforms into a hip party guy--eager to date Portia.

Tabitha follows the couple to a disco and makes Marvin feel hot with magic. Thus, he removes the enchanted coat. Marvin can not remember why is at the Disco, a condition that angers his wife when she arrives to interrupt his date. She dumps a cake on his head and leaves in tears.

The next day, Tabitha tries to right the wrongs that have occurred. Tabitha dresses Lorraine (Marvin's wife) to look like Portia, while Portia dresses Marvin in a wig. When the married couple reunites, they burst out laughing at the other's silly appearance.

Portia, furious at true love's success, leaves.