Season 1 Episode 10

What's Wrong with Mister Right?

Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Dec 31, 1977 on ABC

Episode Recap

Jeff Baron is a handsome director at Tabitha's television station. When they meet, he asks her to lunch. From there, the two make plans for a dinner date.

Jeff and Tabitha decide on dinner at Tabitha's apartment with a friend of Jeff's cooking an authentic Japanese meal. Aunt Minerva has other plans for Tabitha. She wants her niece to meet a handsome warlock, Monty the Magnificent. But Tabitha wants nothing to do with the arrogant warlock.

Jeff is directing Paul Thurston, Tabitha's boss, in a commercial the next day. Monty shows up at the studio, impersonating a representative from the "Truth in Advertising Division" of the State Department of Consumer Protection." Monty is thrilled when Paul asks Tabitha to take care of the visitor. Monty confuses Tabitha into believing Jeff is actually the warlock, and he is an innocent mortal.

As Tabitha tries to determine the truth about who is magical and who is not, the commercial is ruined. Tabitha, who is supposed to sing in the commercial, loses the opportunity. When Aunt Minerva arrives on set, she accidentally spills the beans.

Tabitha really likes Jeff and decides to fix the mess. She uses her magical powers to turn back time. This time everything works out her way.