Tuesday 9:00 PM on National Geographic Premiered Jan 05, 2003 In Season


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  • About Bengali Episod

    Please jeep some video of Bangla Episod of Taboo. Those ase shows in India and Bangladesh. Or post any link.
  • This Show Is One of the Reasons Why I Love the National Geographic Channel So Much.

    The National Geographic Channel is without any doubt in my mind one of the best channels on cable TV, and Taboo is one of the reasons for it. It shows many of the cultures of remote societies, and it shows us that even if they have different rituals from our own, they are not really any differnet from us at all. This show fasinates me with the many remote customs from around the world, and it helps me renew my interest in the social sciences such as anthropology. So on a scale of one to ten, I give both Taboo and The National Geographic Channel a perfect 10.
  • opics from around the world that is viewed "Taboo" by other people or cultures, but to the cultres involved with it, is perfectlly fine. Such as food, one involving eating a fetal animal, another involving body art and etc...

    greeat show, really interesting,i love it hahaa i wanted to close my eyes at some thigns cus it was so ahhhhh (like teeth sharpening with no pain killers ouch) but i kept comign back for more haha. Really interesting to learn about these other cuktures and whay those people accept and deem part of their everyday lives and culture.
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