Taboo - Season 2

Tuesday 9:00 PM on National Geographic Premiered Jan 05, 2003 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • Gross Work
    Episode 13
    Corpse retrieval from road accidents in Thailand, sewage divers in Mexico City, and Tannery Workers in Moro are featured.
  • Outcasts
    Episode 12
    "Outcasts" looks at sufferers shunned from society in various cultural communities.
  • Marks of Identity
    Episode 11
    The ritualistic modification or marking of the body is examined. The episode features Japan's samurai body tattoos, US's painful branding scarifications and Thailand's neck streching.
  • Sacred Pain
    Episode 10
    Taboo observes the painful extremes some religious faithful go through for the sake of their soul.
  • Initiation
    Episode 9
    Summary unavailable.
  • Blood Bonds
    Episode 8
    Summary not available.
  • 1/19/04
    A Canadian freak show troupe, a Japanese Geisha-in-training, cross-dressing cabaret performers from Thailand, and others are featured.
  • Child Rearing
    Episode 6
    The different child care practices in different cultures is examined.
  • Body Perfect
    Episode 5
    On the island off the coast of Indonesian Sumatra, the wife of the Mentawi tribe chieften, undergoes a teeth filing ritual to beautify herself. Her teeth are sharpen with a machete.

    In Los Angeles, California, Jay wants to have buttock implants, and undergoes a 2 hour long surgery by Dr. Sinclair. Next, a man receives eye lifting surgery by Dr. Griffin to improve his looks.

    And in Chongqing, China, a short man has the bones in his legs broken, stretched, then healed to make himself taller. The 'bone breaking' and 'leg stretching' procedure is a painful and lengthy process and the recovery takes years.moreless
  • After Death
    Episode 4
    Taboo examines some of the funeral procedures executed on the bodies of the dead. "After Death" includes the embalming of bodies in the US, the exhuming, cleaning and reburying of the dead in Taiwan, and the Aghori sect's embracement of the corpses.
  • Creature Cures
    Episode 3
    In a remote mountain village in South Africa, Elliot Ndlovu, a Zulu sangoma (witchdoctor), concocts a remedy from boiled baboon limb to treat a man complaining of leg pains. In the city, a Sotho sangoma, doctor Tsiane, diagnoses a patient by analyzing the bones cast on the ground and the entrails of a chicken that a patient has blown into.

    In Cheng Hua, Taiwan, a woman suffering from multiple sclerosis receives bee-sting therapy.

    In Pune, India, ayurvedic medicine is applied to a patient suffering from chronic skin conditions by Dr. Sachin Nandedkar. The treatment includes the use of leeches to suck toxins from the blood.

    And finally in Wichita, Kansas, a diabetic woman with a gaping wound on her torso has maggots applied to it.moreless
  • Delicacies
    Episode 2
    In Iceland's traditional Thorrablot celebration in February, a chef prepares rotting shark meat, goat's head and other hard to swallow dishes for their traditional buffet. And in India, an Anglo-indian lady prepares a special luncheon that features a goat foetus stew called kutti pi. In Togo, the cameras follow hunters out into the hot wilderness to hunt a rat to be used in a stew and voodoo ritual. And finally in Taiwan, a chef prepares bull's penis soup to boost his diner's virility.moreless
  • Justice
    Episode 1
    In Togo, a farmer accuses his old friend of stealing his yam harvest. His friend denies it, and in order to uncover the truth, a trial by boiling oil is implemented. Both the accused and the accuser must plunge their hand in hot boiling oil to retrieve a ring from it. It is believed that if either of them are innocent, they’re hands would be unscathed.

    In Albania, a family member has been murdered. And the family must decide on whether to depend on the incompetent justice system, or resort to an old tribal code. The code calls for revenge by killing the murderer, but that could spark a blood feud between families. Meanwhile, a committee attempts to mediate between two families who are involved in such a feud.

    Judge Ted Poe in Houston, Texas, implements an unusual form of punishment for the criminals. The guilty are made accountable for their crimes by humiliating them.moreless