Taboo - Season 5

Tuesday 9:00 PM on National Geographic Premiered Jan 05, 2003 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • The Third Sex
    The Third Sex
    Episode 15
    "Understand shocking practices.
  • Spilling Blood
    Spilling Blood
    Episode 14
    Experience animal sacrifices to a bloodthirsty goddess in Nepal, a mass whale slaughter near Denmark, and a religious cockfight in Bali.
  • Extreme Rituals
    Extreme Rituals
    Episode 13
    Young men leap from a 70-foot tower in a ritual that could kill them; a girl tattoos her face before marriage, and a man participates in a bloodletting ceremony.
  • Bizarre Bodies
    Bizarre Bodies
    Episode 12
    See the taboo lengths people will go to change their looks. Could you tattoo the whites of your eyes?
  • Extreme Performers
    Extreme Performers
    Episode 11
    In the world of entertainment - it seems anything goes if there’s an audience for it. But can a performer go too far?
  • Extreme Punishment
    Extreme Punishment
    Episode 10
    When laws are broken, human society demands justice. But who decides which punishment fits the crime?
  • Trials of Faith
    Trials of Faith
    Episode 8
    How far will people go to test their faith? Meet Christians who drink poison and passion players who undergo crucifixions.
  • Extreme Kids
    Extreme Kids
    Episode 5
    Around the world, the rules of childhood are open to interpretation. This is childhood at its most shocking and most taboo.
  • Freaky Remedies
    Episode 4
    Conventional western medicine is based on science, research, and technology. But in cultures around the world, many still look to monks, mystics, and magic potions, putting their faith in extreme cures.
  • Extreme Fighting
    Episode 3
    In Nigeria, Shagon Shano participates in a traditional fight known as Dambe. Boxers can strike anywhere on the body, with the fist or the feet. The goal is to deliver a single decisive blow to cause the opponent's hand or knee to touch the ground.
  • Odd Couples
    Episode 2
    Taboo examines some of these unconventional relationships. We'll meet a woman who's in love with a man nearly three times her height. Then, find out why a man hides his homosexuality, promising to love and obey his wife. And we'll delve inside the inner workings of a marriage made up of three partners. While some may think these are Odd Couples, this is marital bliss for others.moreless
  • Secret Lives
    Episode 1
    Living two lives can be seen as deceitful, bizarre and Taboo. We'll meet a woman who lives part-time in a wheelchair pretending to be paraplegic although she's not. And see how two groups of people become completely different when dressed in costumes. And meet a man who lives on the streets, but also owns and lives in a million-dollar house.moreless