Taboo - Season 9

Tuesday 9:00 PM on National Geographic Premiered Jan 05, 2003 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • Strange Obsessions
    Strange Obsessions
    Episode 19
  • Inked, Pierced & Hooked
  • Odd Jobs
    Odd Jobs
    Episode 17
  • Strange Bonds
    Strange Bonds
    Episode 16
  • Extreme Collectors
    Episode 15
    Since ancient times, humans have expressed their passions and their personalities through their collections. But when a collection crosses the line from passion to obsession, ignoring legal, moral and taste boundaries, then it becomes taboo.
  • Devils and Demons
    Episode 14
    In Phoenix, Arizona, a battle for the souls of those said to be possessed is being waged, not by priests, but by five teenage girls. In the Potosi silver mines of Bolivia miners believe the best way to survive the extreme working conditions is to cut a deal with the devil. In Colombia, a man's life is crumbling away. Believing he is tortured by demons, he feels he has only two options: suicide or an exorcism. But this exorcism isn't sanctioned by the Church. It's a bizarre and elaborate ritual that has to be seen to be believed. And in Florida, an ex-prostitute and drug addict has become the leader of an evangelical ministry that promises salvation through deliverance from demonic possession.moreless
  • Bizarre Burials
    Episode 13
    In Gurgaon, India a 82-year-old nun voluntarily fasts to the death in a religious ritual, attended by her children; a Taiwanese man honors his dead father with exotic dancers gyrating at the graveside; and an octogenarian in San Francisco lives with death every day amongst his vast collections of skeletal remains.moreless
  • Strange Syndromes
    Episode 12
    Lizzie''s rare condition is neonatal progeroid syndrome. No matter what she eats, she cannot gain weight, causing her to look much older than her age. At 350 pounds, James is hiding under his plus-size clothing with an asymmetrical condition that makes his left side dramatically larger than his right.
  • Old Enough?
    Episode 11
    At age 18, Owen has started taking testosterone treatments to transition to his new self. In Nepal, an eight-year-old girl is a living Hindu goddess who is rarely allowed to speak and must never show emotion. Meanwhile, an adolescent boy in India is training for his career as a snake charmer.moreless
  • Private Passions
    Episode 10
    Fruitarians Aloma and Matthew live off fruit they find in city dumpsters. Puppy play enthusiast Liliane takes her human puppy Jen, aka Tyke, for a walk in the park. Freelance writer Erias walks his dog too, when his sex-worker girlfriend Jessi has company. In Chicago, Matt Daniel and his fiance Casey Levan share an unusual fetish for skintight body suits known as zentai.moreless
  • Bizarre Passions
    Bizarre Passions
    Episode 9
  • Weird Collections
    Episode 9
    Dug, a foot fetishist, has over 300 pairs of shoes and 5+ million photographs of feet. While most collectors keep their collection in their home, Lonnie has allowed his collection to become his home. In Turkey, a potter's strange collection is hidden in an underground cave. What started as a childhood hobby for Lawrence has spun out of control forcing him to rely on his parents.moreless
  • Changing Gender
    Episode 8
    When they met and fell in love, Ashley was a man and Tony was a woman. Chris Tina Bruce calls herself a hybrid, neither male nor female; call her Gender X. Gender queer or gender fuzzy, she is part of a gender revolution. He's athletic, masculine and would give most male models a run for their money.moreless
  • Extreme Bodies
    Episode 7
    When people go to extremes with body modification, they provoke fear and disbelief. Take for example, the world's most pierced woman, Elaine Davidson with her 6000+ piercings; Mary Jose Cristerna, with horn implants; pumped up female bodybuilders; and Japan's adventurous bagel-heads, having saline injected into their foreheads for a temporary mutant thrill.moreless
  • U.S. of Alcohol
    Episode 6
    Over Labor Day weekend in Phoenix, Arizona, Taboo: U.S. of Alcohol examines the effect of excessive alcohol consumption amongst the city's party-goers and the battle of medical and law enforcement agencies to prevent injury and save lives.
  • Strange Passions
    Episode 5
    In our modern world, old stereotypes are changing. There are now many variations on the traditional ideal of heterosexual monogamy and marriage, like serial monogamy, homosexuality and open relationships.
  • Weird Weddings
    Episode 4
    While in California, the bride and groom are dressed, but it's even more bizarre - they're dogs. In Indonesia, a young man kidnaps his bride and in India, pimps plot violence when a mass wedding threatens their trade.
  • Nasty Jobs
    Episode 3
    Behind the scenes in every society, there are people doing jobs we can barely imagine; people who come into contact with sights, smells and substances that are not only disgusting, but often put their health at risk.
  • Ugly
    Episode 2
    We live in a society that enshrines beauty. Those unfortunate to be born with facial features society deems as "ugly" face daily prejudice. Taboo shines a light on what it means to be deemed "ugly" in a society that scorns it.
  • Living With the Dead
    Most people react to dead bodies with disgust and fear but some see it as an opportunity to cash in.