Season 1 Episode 20

Daughter's Ballad, Oni's Racket

Aired Unknown Feb 22, 2005 on TV Tokyo

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  • This is where the end begins...

    After watching this episode, I couldn't muster up the courageto write a review for it. Mainly because I couldn't comprehend what I thought of it as a whole, it was just so... wow. I could really tell that from this point on, I doubt (but I could be wrong) that they're will be any filler episodes, and that the remainder of the episodes will focus on the main plot. I just thought this episode was so strong and different, mainly with Haruka being half and half awakened to his true form, but snapped out of it by that Yuri girl (which I loathe). The main bad guys show up again, and this time it shows them plotting deeper to get Haruka awakened so he can be defeated in his true form. The only thing that I found a little dissapointing in this episode was how out of character Haruka was, being all into Yuri and everything... I really dislike that girl.