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  • Very enjoyable anime if it had anime cliche's they were hid very well and if they showed up the show was so well done you didn't mind.

    Very enjoyable anime if it had anime cliche's they were hid very well and if they showed up the show was so well done you didn't mind. The magical anime genera is full and not much difference between them but the mix of serious, silly, and wonderful characters set this one apart from the rest. I have to admit I've never felt good after watching most of an anime. This one has the distinction of making me happy each time I saw an episode and as a testament to how good it was I don't even recall the standard anime filler episode. The characters were interesting and each episode left you in anticipation of the next. Plus an open ended ending leaving at least hope of the show coming back very enjoyable show worth every episode.
  • A truly magnificent anime.

    It's saddening, that it's over. Before when I was deciding whether to, or not watch this show, if I had chosen not to I would've missed a ton. Overall this show is perfectly well-rounded, with a good story, nice animation, solid characters, and a "watch it" factor that draws you (or me) in. The only downside that is some of the episodes are sorta "typical", or just kinda filler-ish. But seriously, this is an anime to watch. The end had me almost crying, everything is beatiful. I hope that it is brought back to have a second season, because it sure has room to. Watch, this show.
  • Warrior in Ancent Japan

    Tactics is another anime masterpiece That I enjoy.

    I like Youko beacause She cute & wears a kimono all the time & voice by Luci Christian. I just watched 2 episode on Monday it was art & wonderful. Yesterday, I got a whole box set of DVD of the show & I hope that the all the episode are just as good as Samurai 7, Gunsligner Girl, Abanabashi Shopping Arcade & other Luci Christian shows I like.

    Not only that, it's another William Street anime & from The Adventures of Blinky Bill creator Yorum Gross & I must say I love Luci Christian's work even more.
  • Wow this is one of the best animes these days.

    I saw it last night on sci-fi it was amazing it's about where this village is being under attack and all the children are being adupted by an evil god the dragon so they must stop it from taking over the world. This anime is might not be original kinda like a rip-off of Dragonball and some online role playing game and the designs are great however the animation is average. If it was more original and had more villians besides the dragon I think they might and they more details to the animation I would give this a 9 but I give this an 8.5 out of 10
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