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  • Taggart is a great show

    Taggart is one of the best, i not the best - a very real crime drama set in the heart of Glasgow that never fails to satisfy. It has been on the air for many years but has never lost its appeal right enough. I live in Glasgow's sunnier side, and its always great to see places I know on the tele ha ha ha. Fans of Taggart should look out for meaty new Glasgow crime drama series "Ninety Eight Percent" thats on the way and sure to be a big hit - www.myspace.com/ninetyeightpercentseries, its pilot was a success and the series is coming soon in 2009. Ninety Eight Percent, like Taggart, is a hard hitting crime drama, this time, from the point of view of the criminals - bringing us one step closer to those we fear on the streets at night. Lots of laughs too from the neds. There's a good promo for the series online and some behind the scenes stuff, well worth checking out if you get the chance.

    Taggart, may forever it continue! Great show! Great cast! Great writing! No wonder it was top of the STV top 30 shows of all time!
  • Taggart is a gritty crime drama set in Glasgow, Scotland. It has been on the air for many years but has never lost its appeal. Most of the action takes place on the streets of Glasgow in this hard hitting, gritty drama.

    Taggart is an excellent show which has, in my opinion, stood the test of time. From its first airing many years ago when Jim Taggart was top dog to the present day, it remains one of the most realistic crime dramas on UK television. Although characters have come and gone during its life span the essence of the show has remained the same. Not only are the story lines original and entertaining but the characters' stories hold the viewers attention as well. Their relationships with one another add that something extra to the show. The story lines in Taggart range from the investigation of the seedy world of Glasgow's drug gangs to the emotional portrayal of family feuds and misplaced loyalties. All in all a great show which is well worth a look.
  • taggart has to be one of the best crime dramas ever. the mix of characters, strong stories makes it a pleasure to watch every time.

    taggart has to be one of my favourite crime dramas of all time.
    i was not a watcher during the early years, but have watched from when robbie, jackie and stewart have been on the beat.

    who can forget classic storylines such as the will they wont they thing going on between jackie and robbie. and what i think was the saddest episode to date - the death of mike jardine.
  • taggart has now ended but we here are getting the last eps always good and raw

    for years it has always been excellent the characters have always given there best it was a sad day when mcmanus passed away but it carried on in the best english /scottish tradition the new ones Wired excellent/silenty witness/spooks all great /and all law and order [usa]and the csi all great
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