Taggart - Season 20

ITV (ended 2010)




Episode Guide

  • The Wages of Sin
    Episode 6

    A family returning from a funeral discovers a taxi driver who has been shot in the head outside their shop which leads the Taggart team down a dangerous trail.

  • Puppet on a String
    Episode 5

    A doctor is attacked in his hospital by an assailant carrying a lethal syringe of drugs. Was the culprit a hated colleague or the wife who has been seen with a known hit-man? Robbie Ross will find out.

  • Saints and Sinners
    Episode 4

    Top lawyer Richard Fleet is shot in the head in his car after a late business dinner with his partner Charlie Muir and client Simon Turner, the MD of building company Arcadia. Despite the gun being left at the scene there are few clues for the team to go on. Reid and Burke visit Fleet's widow, Adele, and are shocked to discover that not only are they faced with a less than sympathetic wife but that she is also having an affair with his business partner Muir. Neither have alibis for the time of the murder and fail to mention Fleet's £5m life insurance policy. Residents Betty McGoldrick and Martha Ramsay are protesting against the new phase of housing development. They believe that a pharmaceutical company once stood on the site and that chemical contamination has already caused a spate of illnesses, including Martha's son Ben who has leukemia. The women inform them that the case was thrown out of court and to Burke's surprise he discovers that Fleet and Muir represented the residents and not Arcadia – despite being on Arcadia's payroll. When Muir is shot on the Arcadia site and another identical gun is found near the body, Burke begins to suspect Turner. However, his suspicions are without cause when Turner is later found shot dead in the Fleet's home, again with a gun at his side. As the team start to unravel the mystery, an unnamed fourth man is discovered to have been at the restaurant on the night of the first murder. But can a paralysed Muir help them find the guns, the killer and the identity of the fourth man?

  • Compensation
    Episode 3
    DCI Burke's personal life comes to the fore as the team are called to the countryside of Fenmore after a farmer is killed in a suspicious fire. With few clues and no villager prepared to offer information, Burke feels they have stepped into a private war.
  • Atonement
    Episode 2

    When Billy McCree is found dead in his workshop with his severed hand by his side, recently-released prisoner Jim Naysmith is the prime suspect for his murder - as the dead man's testimony had put Naysmith behind bars twenty years before. While Burke and Reid investigate another member of Naysmith's gang, Ross is flattered when law student Mary Cullen asks to shadow him, but Gemma becomes suspicious of Mary's motives.

  • 10/7/03

    A famous horror novelist is found murdered in an alley the morning after a prestigious book launch. While attempting to quell the ensuing media frenzy, Burke and the team start to piece together the author's last movements, but initally their only lead is a drugged and confused prostitute with a memory problem. Soon evidence emerges that disputes the author's image as an upstanding citizen.