Taggart - Season 23

ITV (ended 2010)




Episode Guide

  • Lifeline
    Episode 7
    A man who worked in a crisis call centre is discovered inside his car with the engine still running and at first suicide is thought to be the cause of death. As the investigation deepens DS Small believes that the dead man may be involved in her troubles of charges to her credit card that she didn't make. While the team investigates another dead body is found that is also connected to the call centre and the focus changes direction.moreless
  • The Caring Game
    The Caring Game
    Episode 6
    A young woman is found dead in a bath full of water, having been dead a week. The investigation leads the team to a sister she's fallen out with, a neighbour who's tired of her, and a shady real estate developer, amongst a shrowd of lies covering her lifestyle.
  • Genesis
    Episode 5
    A woman is killed on her way to a fertility clinic, and the case is further complicated when one of the nurses there is also attacked and murdered, and it appears the clinic itself is the target, leaving the team to wonder if the angry religious protesters who picket the gates of the centre are behind the murders. But are there different motivations involved in the attacks?moreless
  • Pinnacle
    Episode 4
    When Terry Brogan, an alcoholic cancer sufferer, is accused of bludgeoning his wife to death, D.S. Reid finds it difficult to believe that he is guilty of murder, and she sets out to prove his innocence - despite compelling evidence to the contrary. But as the net closes in on the murderer, her irrational sympathy threatens to jeopardise the whole case.moreless
  • Tenement
    Episode 3
    When an activist is found murdered in her tenement flat suspicion falls on a local property developer, who planned to demolish the building and was met with strong criticism by the campaigner. Meanwhile, DI Ross is focusing his attention on a hit and run case, which angers his superiors.
  • The Thirteenth Step

    Eddie Monroe, an ex-convict out on parole, is found stabbed to death in an alleyway. He was a loner attempting to make amends for his shady past and in the course of the investigation Burke comes into contact with Monroe's arresting officer, and develops a growing conviction that the retired policeman is somehow involved in the murder, but is he making a personal judgement based on his own issues with him? He finds that in the course of uncovering the truth, he is forced to confront his own demons.

  • Users and Losers
    Users and Losers
    Episode 1

    A gambler is found dead, and it is discovered that he had thousands of pounds stashed in his flat, leading the team to suspect that he was part of an illegal betting scam. The wife of the owner then gets killed out riding and the investigation heats up further. Meanwhile, Burke is convinced that a former heroin addict and petty criminal has changed, until he is left with a decision to either arrest a killer or do a deal to catch a more major criminal.