Taggart - Season 25

ITV (ended 2010)




Episode Guide

  • So Long Baby
    So Long Baby
    Episode 7

    A baby is found abandoned on a doorstep of a retired businessman, who is discovered inside murdered. They question whether there may be a link between the two, soon discovering numerous people who had a motive for the murder.

  • The Knife Trick
    The Knife Trick
    Episode 6
    A law professor is accidentally stabbed to death during a training exercise in front of trainee police officers, it initially appears to simply be a tragic accident. But the team discover that the knife was tampered with - the professor has been murdered. There are thirty eye witnesses - but can they reveal the key to finding the killer?moreless
  • Grass
    Episode 5
    One of DI Robbie Ross' informants is brutally murdered, with the accusation 'grass' painted at the crime scene. And Robbie fears this has happened as Duffy's name was in Ross's contact book - which he had stolen by a woman who he took home with him. He prepares to speak up, but before he has chance another name from his book is found dead, and he knows he must catch the killer before his career is destroyed.moreless
  • Cold Reader
    Cold Reader
    Episode 4
    A young student is abducted and her mother's psychic advisor approaches the team and claims to be able to trace the girl's whereabouts. As usual, Burke is more than a little sceptical, but when he finds that all leads seem to be going nowhere, he reluctantly attends one of the psychic's shows, becoming unsettled as she tells him things about his father no-one else could know. As a result he begins to wonder if there is more to her than initially meets the eye.moreless
  • Crossing the Line
    Crossing the Line
    Episode 3
    The team are called to a small mining village where two skeletons have been found at an excavation site, their hands entwined and wearing wedding rings. The victims were reported missing during the 1980's after running up debts during the miners' strike - but none of the locals appears to remember much about them to help the police. As the team delve further, they uncover the brutal truth.moreless
  • Homesick
    Episode 2
    A Polish security guard working on a building site is shot dead. Hours later a young Polish woman working in a hotel suffers the same fate. The two murders are obviously connected, but DCI Burke and the team cannot see how, and investigate trying to establish a link, wondering if the attacks are racially motivated or is there more to the murders?moreless
  • Safer
    Episode 1
    After giving a lecture on violence against women, a campaigner is found clubbed to death, and the team investigate, with DI Ross becoming particularly committed to the case.