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  • i dont understand why nick cancelled it

    i know im late because most of my comments r from 2006 but i watched da show nd it was my favorite show nd one comment says nick is racist and they r right ....because i watched a episode on youtube about 5 minutes ago and why would nick say it only appealed to latina girls because its not like it was a all latina cast nd they barly speak spainsh so wow ...
  • best show ever bring it back!!

    I Absoulutely loved the taina show it was the best && it got better every season i hope to see it on nickelodian one day soon even my family loved it!! I thought the show was amazing && i was so mad when it went away i loved it!!! i go to christina vidal's [taina] myspace official website page everyday hoping to see if there's a new episode i dont know what happened but if christina vidal quit the show then she needs o come back it was great!! but if the producers just thoght it wasnt making any hits it look like it was so they need to make another season!!
  • Taina was a great show. To bad Nick removed it.

    Taina is a 15 year olod Latina girl who wants to be a star. Hence the theme song, "Gonna Be A Star". Her friends, Renee, Lamar and Daniel help her. Get into wacky schemes. For two seasons.

    The Problem: Nick thought it only appealed to Latina Girls. The real problem, you ask? I'll tell you, it's the fact that Nickelodeon is a rascist channel! Why remove a show with so much potential, that it could have been the first "Rebelde"! Anyway, Nick released one CD, "Taina", and a "Region 2" DVD, in Europe, which American people cannot watch due to the fact that we are "Region 1"! So basically, a great show is being underestimated, It's sad to see it go...
  • PLEASE!! I want this show back!

    Why did they take this show off the air??!! It was sooo good. I loved it. Nick always has to take the good shows off the air! They do that to everyshow. This was a great show, and just like all the others, it shouldnt have been taken off! This was a classic, and it was one of the many shows that i grew up watching! Nick had no reason to take this show off! They should do what they did to Kenan and Kel. They should put this show in the N. It would be soo much btter if they did that!
  • I miss Taina!

    Not only does Nick need to bring back Taina but they need to bring back all the other classic shows in the 90's, but we all know that will never happen. However, It would be nice if they had a classic Nick Channel that had all of the good shows on it like Rocko's Modern Life, Doug and All That and all those good shows. Nick today is complete crap!! I feel sorry for this generation of young boys and girls who missed out on great TV. The cartoons and sitcoms like "Zoey 101" and "The naked brothers band" and all these new sitcoms are just complete GARBAGE!
  • Please! I miss this show!

    Taina is one of those old Nickeoldeon shows that are never on TV anymore. I miss this show soooo incredibly much! Christina Vidal plays Taina Morales, and she dreams of becoming a big star. I don't remember much of the episode because they're never on, but I remember they were great. They should release this awesome show on DVD or something cause I miss this show and I really want to watch it! Please Nickelodeon, put it back on TV or release it on DVD!!!!! Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please!! Finally 100 words!!!!!
  • Taina's episode En Espanol features newcomer Leslie Seidel as the goth character Ice. Ice has a crush on "Boo," and can read the letter in Spanish.

    In En Espanol, the Ice is great--she has an awesome face and is really funny. She adds punch to the show. Ice reads the letter that Taina intends to send to Gustavo, so Ice thinks that someone has a huge crush on her. Taina cannot read enough Spanish to know that the letter she sent to Gustavo is full of insults.. Hmm, they might want to fix that in the future. Taina can sing and dance for sure. The guys are sort of wimpy, so if the show returns, they need to punch up the guys as well. Ice steals the show in this episode. Bring back Taina and bring back Leslie Seidel as Ice.
  • A Nickelodeon classic that deserves a return to tv with new episodes

    Taina was cancelled in 2002 by Nickelodeon personally becuase thay tought it only appealed to girls and that it's girlie-ness didn't attract enough male viewers. DUH! Taina, the main character is a girl. It is supposed to be girle. I knew plenty of male viewers. That's my main problem with Nickelodeon, they cancell all of their good shows and leave us with the bad ones. I want to see Taina bac on tv with new episodes and a DVD release. There is a region 2 PAL UK dvd release of the first 4 episodes of the Show. they cancelled it for All the wrong reasons. I mean, it didn't get bad ratings, it wasn't innappropiate for children. Nick just stupidly cancelled it themselves. and since it ended 4 years ago, if they were to bring it back, the episode should about Taina 4 years later. Bring it back with new episodes
  • Taina was one of Nickelodeons best shows ever!

    Taina was one of Nickelodeons best shows ever!

    It was about a 15 year old girl, named Taina, trying to be a star.However, on her way she learns that there is a lot to do if she wants to be an actress.Her friends, Rennee, Lamar, Daniel help her along the way.

    Taina was orginal, funny, smart, and great! The best part was during each episodes there a song. A lot of kids can relate to Taina because everyone wants to be a star, and Taina was a program that showed it.

    Taina was Nickelodeon at it's best and really should come bak to show re-runs!
  • why i miss the show i want back

    why did they get rid of the show it had everything you wanted you and more. Dream power and friendship live,life, love, enemys, family ,togetherness, They are getting rid of the good shows rating are down for certain cause of this and perople going to the mall instead of being at home with family or/and friends. BRING THE SHOW BACK BRING IT BACK BRING IT BACK
  • Great show!

    A decent show its a littlr corny but very entertaining every body with eyes can see that.Taina is beautiful and all that and a bag of chips.Nick please bring it back its overwhelming and entertaining.We all love this show.Its \"da Bomb\".I will be more than grateful if taina comes back.
  • A Really Great Show for Nick.

    Taina was a great show and was cut to short.
    It had great charecters and good plots and alot of featured guest on that show.Ill always remeber Maritza from that show.A Really Great Show for Nick.A Really Great Show for Nick.A Really Great Show for Nick. A Really Great Show for Nick.
  • I wish they could get rid of all the boring teen shows on Nick like "Unfabulous" and "Zoey 101" and bring back this show.

    Long ago, I was surprised that this show ended on Nick and was now off the air and now all these boring teen shows like "Unfabulous" and "Zoey 101" seem to take its place. I mean, c'mon. I barely watch Nick anymore and it used to be the station I would turn to watch this. I like the music that this girl sings and the singers that would guest star on the show. The characters seem more real and believable. I hope Nick realizes that the teen shows they show like Unfabulous" and "Zoey 101" are really monotonous and I wish they would at least show reruns of this show.

  • Better than \"Thats so Raven\" which was copied of this.

    Ok I lvoed this show when I was younger, Did they grew up? Good thing it wasn\'t cancelled which \Thats so Raven\ Should. This show was awesome, Mexican comedy... I wish they show re-runs. Uhh now... did anyone noticed about this show? It seems like Thats So raven took its plot... excect for the psychic thing.