Taina - Season 2

Nickelodeon (ended 2002)


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Episode Guide

  • Beyond The Music
    Beyond The Music
    Episode 13
    For Film class, Lamar makes a spoof documentary on the guys forming a group. They have a huge big fight and fall out. But, after Lamar joins the group and everyone is okay, they perform at Papitos under no name and everyone loves them.
  • The Fear Factors
    The Fear Factors
    Episode 12
    Lisa, an old friend of Taina's attends classes at MSA even though she is not enrolled. It turns out Lisa got the lead for the play, she tells Taina that she's afraid she will be caught. But when Taina tells Renee, Mr. Colon over hears he has no choice but to tell the principal, leading her to be kicked out of the play. And when Taina gets the lead for the play, everyone thinks Taina got Lisa kicked out on purpose.

    Lamar tries to help a former Wrestler cry if she helps him learn how to fall properly for a class grade. Maritza hires Dan to play piano while she sings.moreless
  • Starstruck
    Episode 11
    When an actress named Nicole Burke comes to MSA, Renee and Daniel discriminate against her when they think she's like the character she plays on TV who is really mean. But it turns out everyone but Taina was wrong as Nicole turns out to be nice.
  • Desperately Seeking Agent
    When Maritza gets an agent, she is getting more auditions for roles. Taina is jealous by this, so she try's everything she can to get her own agent. Her attempts include trying to set a world record for the longest time singing and dancing. Plus, she also lies about helping an elderly lady.moreless
  • Bad Review
    Bad Review
    Episode 9
    LeMar gives a bad review of The Legend of Dustbowl Annie, a play that Taina is starring in, because a rake hit her and she turns the play into one big joke. Taina is really upset, and she may even drop out of the show! Will Taina believe in herself and stay in, or will she drop out of the play?

    Maritza gives Daniel a makeover when he is going to an opera with her.moreless
  • Abuelo Knows Best
    Abuelo Knows Best
    Episode 8
    After Taina doesn't show up for a cooking contest with Abeulo, he shows up wherever she is. At school during a hip hop class, and at Papito's. It's driving Taina crazy! Abeulo really crosses the line when he scares a way Taina's co-star in a new school play and it makes Taina more upset because she liked him.moreless
  • Crushin'
    Episode 7
    Taina has a boyfriend. The boy's father has invited Taina (and Maritza, but she bagged her way in) to his birthday party. When Taina does get to the party, there are all little kids running around. Puzzled, Taina doesn't know why all these little kids are there,until she reads the birthday cake saying,"Happy 13th Birthday!" Can Taina handle going out with a boy 3 years younger than her? A young boy tries to get Renee to Be his girlfriend.moreless
  • The Big Show
    The Big Show
    Episode 6
    Taina is wants to be in the play 'Amazon 3000' very badly, and tries for the lead. The director sees her as a cockatoo, so Taina, unhappy at this, tries to get noticed but wrecks everything and gets kicked out. To bribe the director, Taina buys her favorite cheese and is let in. The show ends up a success. Daniel and Lamar try to sell people tickets to the show, by any means possible, but Mr. Colon gets mad with them. Renee and Maritza fight over Darius, a hot guy.moreless
  • Papi Don't Preach
    Papi Don't Preach
    Episode 5
    Taina's dad accuses Taina of lying to him when he told her he is not allowed to see Teck Money at the movies. He thinks she was out all night, but she really just slept in her bed fully clothed and with out moving her covers.
  • Test Friends
    Test Friends
    Episode 4
    Taina and Renee take a quiz about their friendship but get all the answers wrong. So, in order to prove they are friends, Renee and Taina spend the weekend finding things out about each other they didn't know. It escalates into a fight and almost breaking their friendship, but a kind word from Taina ("We're friends, Renee") stops them and they become friends again.moreless
  • Scary Legend
    Scary Legend
    Episode 3
    While staying at school all night for costume fixing, Mr. Colon makes up a story about a ghost at the school. Lamar and Dan try to scare the girls out of the building and when they find out, they try the same thing. Maritza has a bag mix-up with Taina and gets in on the act and uses herself to scare Lamar and Dan, which works. The girls win the battle and the boys wear panto dame outfits for a day.moreless
  • Sabotage
    Episode 2
    Tai teams up with Maritza to pull the curtain on an attention-grabbing classmate. Renee needs a reality check after a dream about Daniel.
  • Crouching Actor, Hidden Chicken
    In order to be a tough girl, Taina creates a facade and is asked to fight Big Teefa, a huge boxer, and loses both her cred and her looks. When Renee, Dan and Papito go on Battlebots, it doesn't go well and their robot ends up being destroyed.