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  • A very good video game show.

    I love this show. Its funny and cute. The characters are fun!!
  • Just play the videogame instead

    At least the videogame is somewhat entertaining unlike this show that fails to do it any real justice. Heck it doesn't even follow the original storyline in the the game but that is among the least of its faults. The jokes and plots are unfunny and not engaging in any way. The characters aren't really likeable either and the graphics are either lacking or lazy. I just recommend playing the game instead of viewing this dull show. While it isn't as bad as some other Nicktoons, it is still nothing special at best. This is one of the reasons why videogames must not be turned into shows.
  • Didn't Want to watch It

    I did not have any Cool Stuff in it.
  • awesomeness show on television yayyyyyyyyyyyyy

    this show is boss not like rick and morty or futurama or spongebob which suck dead meat, all the characters and episodes are 10/10 and awesome
  • Gross gross gross

    When making shows like that is so stupid. People don't want to see disturbingly disgusting and stupidly unfunny shows. The want to see some kind of humor that makes people laugh and people to make our day. By the way, the title is terrible and stupid. Who would ever think of kid heros looking like they smoked weed. uuuuuuuuuuugh! Now users should feel so disgusted by this dirty cartoon. They need to remove this show.

    It's not worh a deadslot

    This site some pretty bad cartoon shows in 2006 , but NOTHING could have prepared me for the visceral horror that is, Tak and The Power of Juju. A show that sets back CGI animation decades, with plots so infantile & characters that are grating as they are ugly, this makes MegaMan NT Warrior look like Oggy and The Cockroaches. What compelled Nickelodeon to even pick up this show? Thankfully, it wore out its welcome after only 13 episodes. Nickelodeon should just save face by putting this show out to pasture & replacing it with more wholesome fare like Coconut Fred's Fruit Salad Island repeats

    . The animation and Voice Acting are horrible.
  • One of the worst animated TV shows ever made

    Worst Animated TV show ever. I like "The Party", "The Three Chiefs" and "Chief?", those were my favorites, but I still loathe this show. The game was a lot better than the show. Jimmy Neutron was WAY more better than this show.
  • A really bad and boring show.

    This was such a boring and lame mess of a show. It's safe to say that most video game based cartoons didn't succeed very well, and TATPOJ is no exception. This show barely followed the concept of the game, and all it consisted of was Tak protecting his village from evil creatures and bad luck with the power of juju. The characters on this show were boring and forgettable at best. Tak is boring and lifeless, the Lok is an arrogant jerk, and he was even voiced by the guy who played Kronk in the Emperors New School and Joe from Family Guy, and his talents were wasted. Jeera is spoiled and pathetic. The butt ugly kid (I forgot his name) is just stupid and oblivious. The humor sure does leave a lot to be desired, there is almost no virtually or microscopicly funny moments to be found in this show. However the animation and artwork style is nice and unique, and it reminds me of Jimmy Neutron's CGI style, but it's not enough to save the show. The plots are rehashed from other shows and add nothing new to table, and throws in ever cliche in the book you've seen before, and a lot of the situations occuring in this show feel so boring amd stupid. The only saving grace for TATPOJ is that it was canceled after only 26 episodes and was never seen again, which is probably the best for this bad and boring mess of a show. Skip this unneeded adaptation to a video game series and let it be forgotten, just stick to the game instead, I don't remember playing much of the game but I can guarantee you it's better than this show.
  • Boring

    The title says it all
  • the games were better.

    I loved the games, but the show made me vomit
  • Pathetic

    I'm not even gonna hate this show. It's so boring.
  • It got cancelled like everyother underrated nick show.

    The title says all!
  • Not my most hated show, but it still sucks.

    I don't really hate this show as much as some other shows that are bad, but it still sucks. It was so boring and forgettable. I even forgot it existed untill I watched some videos of some of the worst shows ever. Not even one of my favorite voice actors, Maurice LaMarche, couldn't save this show and make it even decent. I've never played any of the video games but I'd just stick to the video games.
  • Do I need 2 say it?

    This show I thought was okay like a 4/10 but now i think its a -1/10.

    There is unappealing jokes, plots, characters and epsiodes.

    Plot: Get real a retarted kid with some juju power! >:-P I dont get it!

    Characters: We got a fat dude cheif, a werid kid, and are not even cool.

    Jokes: Tots copied off, and not even funny!!!

    I just plain think nick isn't trying thats why I am starting to like disney better! Because disney is acutally trying. Thumbs up if u agree me because I DO NOT understand why nick gives up everyones fave shows, Victorious, and icarly. There are one of my faves but if there not your faves I dont care! ;-)

  • Wow, This show is really horribly terrible!

    I mean, this show is not even APPEALING! There's not even a way to descrbe how unappealing this show is. It's just not even enjoyable. I can't relate to this show because it doesn't even make any sense! The plot is unappealing, the characters are unappealing, the setting is unappealing, DUDE, EVEN THE ART IS UNAPPEALING! I'm not even joking, I mean, One does not simply sit on the couch, turn the T.V. on, and watch this and enjoy it. I can't even stand a minute of it because it is just SO BORING! I mean, the plot is just plain boring. It's almost as if the creators of the show didn't really think and just crammed all their ideas without considering any other ideas and putting ther worst ideas into one show! I'm sorry, but this show is just so BORING. It's not that it's terrible and that there's something wrong with the characters, but everythng is just so unappealing. When you watch it, it's not annoying, there's nothing wrong with it, it's just so hard to enjoy and to be entertained by something so BLAND. I'm glad this show got cancelled.
  • They butchered the game's rep.

    Really bad.

    Plot: Not much changed from the game. Good.

    Characters: They are okay. VA. is okay.

    Humor: Some are copied from another shows. Plus, it's far more different, it's poor.

    Art: It's like Jimmy Neutron's animation and art. Great.

    Overall: 3. They shouldn't made this butchering show. Games are games, shows are shows.
  • This is the worst show i've ever watched in my life!! Nver again!!

    I hate this show! If there was an aliance of haters for this show, i would absolutely join it! I mean, what a waste! I watched this show, not liking it at all because it replaced Danny Phantom after that was cancelled (noooo!). No one should have to suffer the disgust of this show because i watched it once, i'd die if i watched it again!!! What can i say? If you love the show, i really don't care. Sure, on the forums like Danny Phantom and Xiaolin Showdown they got some haters ( I'm not one of them, but they do) so i'm just one of those haters. I feel that everyone should have their own opinions.
  • The prime example of why most video games should not have TV shows, they just fail.

    I think it's safe to say not all games can be made into a TV show. Case in point, Tak and the Power of Juju, a show based on a video game I never played. From what I read though it was about a young shaman who did battle with an evil wizard. While I did read a lot of good reviews, it didn't need to have a show. The show barely follows the game and it doesn't seem to follow any sort of plot at all except that it's about Tak defending his village from an endless barrage of bad luck and evil creatures and gets help from the mischievous Juju powers. As weak as the premise sounds, it actually gets worse. The stories are just terrible rehashes of stories already seen on TV shows. Babysitting? Been there, done that. Whatever new attempts at ideas for episodes though are usually flat out boring and uninteresting. All the characters in this show are boring and terrible. Tak is uninteresting. The Lok is an arrogant jerk adn is unlikable, he's even voiced by the guy who did Kronk in The Emperor's New School and his talents were wasted. The girl, can't remember name, is just snobbish and pathetic. There is virtually no humor at all in this show. Trying to find a funny moment in this show is like sending a blind person to a clover field and find a 4 leaf clover. This show is epic fail, from beginning to end and was doomed to ail. Most video games turned to shows often fail and this is a prime example. Pass this show up and just play the game, I never played it, but it's probably better than this show.
  • another example that nick is running out of ideas

    now that nick is stealing cartoon ideas from movies and video games i'm pretty sure we've reached the bottom of the barrel. pretty soon all nick will have is one or two cartoon and the rest will be reality or sitcoms. I'll miss the good old days of when cartoons like the rugrats used to air. funny how this show which wasn't that popular as a video game got cancelled just after a year DX. it could of been better if they hadn't tried to make it completely joke oriented. they could of done a plot from one of the games or something to make it more interesting. also its such a coincidence that the guy who voices the main character tak aslo voiced kuzco and both shows ended at the same time.
  • Terrible Show based off an Awesome Game Franchise.


    I own all three Gamecube games of Tak. I think there are some titles for the Wii. I think the game has a better storyline and is more engaging than the show. The Show is too stupid compared to the game.

    The game has a better storyline and I could play all three games and never get tired of them. The show however is really dumbed down by comparison. I think the show would have been better if it was written by the same people who came up with the game concept.

    Tak isn't even voiced by the same guy as he was in the game either. He shouts Juju power. In the Game however he's more interesting as a character. At least they didn't change Lok's voice. How come the show isn't full of action. It is too much comedy not enough action and it doesn't delve into the richness the game gave us.

  • Zzzzzzz....

    Title: boring and bad.

    Theme song: bad.

    Story: a shaman boy learns to do magic.... Boring!

    Characters: the main one-arrogant shaman boy Tak who has a voice of a 40 man. His friend whats-her-name-again? miss perfectness. Who is the most annoying of all. And another character I can't remember who is unbelievably ugly, but unbelievably smart at the same time (that is the only original thing in this show because in all shows the ugly person is the stupidiest of all).

    Art: I like 3D. And I see how much heart those people put in this show. But... Theres just something wrong with it. There are too many colours, edges and details. I don't know if it has something to do with it, but one time after watching a full episode(I'm so sorry for that) my eyes where hurting mad!

    Humour: 0%

    Misc: the girls whats-her-name-again? father is the tribes chief, but he can't even dress right. Why does he have to wear such a skimmpy skirt that sometimes the viewer can actually see his butt?

    In conclusion: if you don't want to damage your eyesight for the rest of your life- don't watch it.
  • Oh boy, what is this show?

    Wow, most of my reviews are bad shows. But this one was even WORST than my previous reviews. I improve this review for sure. I hope you understand this?

    Ok it's all about a shaman named Tak, who had powers from other beings called Jujus, he use it for helping his home tribe. He had a friend of a girl with a pink hair.

    This is the WORST show ever. Gamespot rated the video game 6, that wasn't very average after all. Yeah, really this is the worst show ever. Like the plot is messed up they don't doing adventures things and stuff, they just doing stupid things and stuff.

    The humor stinks, but the animation is way better than other Nick shows. The dialogue is HORRIBLE and the characters are also horrible too. The voice was quite ok. That's all I got.
  • This is why video games should remain video games


    A few years ago,I remember seeing ads for a game called Tak and the Power of Juju,and I never played it. However,did it really need to be turned into a tv show? Seriously,when a movie,video game or book comes out,LEAVE IT AS THAT!!! This show is about a kid named Tak who has magic powers and uses it to defend the town of (Don't laugh) Pupununu. So basically,this is another show that sounds horrible by the minute you hear about it. First off,the plots. Most of it relies on Tak getting in trouble with his magic,but the rest is god awful like having a talent show,toys becoming evil,or (even worse) teeth coming alive from the dead. Seriously,who is writing this? This is just as bad as switching brains with a robot, or digital pet zombies. Second,the humor. There is nothing funny about this show at all. There are no funny moments at all,and unlike Back at the Barnyard,that had funny moments. The characters are not funny at all,and are just plain annoying. Tak is always getting mad with power,and always gets in trouble. Lok is just annoying,and stupid,and is also played by Patrick Warburton,who also plays the dad from The X's,another terrible Nicktoon. The rest of the characters are just annoying,and not one is likable. Overall,this just proves that video games cannot be shows,and that they just end up sucking. This was so bad it only lasted 1 season. Nick must have realized this show sucked and had nothing good about it at all. Please,just forget about this.

  • Tak, a young shaman's assistant, must protect his tribe from the bad luck that it seems to attract. With the aid of the infamous Jujus, he embarks on many adventures.

    I think this cartoon is pretty good, despite its bad reviews. Most of the episodes introduce a new Juju, which at this point very few have returned for significant second appearances. However, the Jujus do tend to be cleverly written. Examples of such are Party Juju, Judge Juju, and Pugnacious Juju. The Pupununu Tribe members tend to be colorful characters. Log Hermit and Slog, while tending to be side charaters, do add some splash of humor to the background. Lok, while being an idiot and a coward, has some humorous moments. Zaria is the older sibling many young girls can relate to. The Chief, while somewhat self-involved, does care about his people. Last, but not least, Jeera, Tak's best pal and partner in crime. Tak himself has the potential to develope the most throughout the series. Tak and the Power of Juju has the opportunity to be a great show.
  • Nickelodeon should not have made this show in the first place.

    Personally, I think this show is a disaster that Nickelodeon made. This show was originally a video game that wasn't that good. The game had alot of low ratings. This show in my mind is just absolutely terrible! The humor in this show stinks!!! The jokes are not even close to being funny, and just make you want cast the spell "Banish" from the Final Fantasy games, and send the jokes to an alternate dimension. The characters in my mind are poorly developed. Tak just relies too much on humor to be good. The characters just do not have much of a personality, they are just random at best. The dialog in this show is horrible! The scripts are boring, and most of the actions are just stupid! Who in their right mind had the idea to create an animal that pretends it's dead? I think that they should not have done this because it may scare the viewers into thinking that the animal is really dead. I grieve about this. The music is not too good either. It's mostly jungle music which does get old quickly. I didn't like it at all. Overall, horrible show, boring dialog, dumb humor, not so good music. Do not watch this show people, it will give you all cramps.
  • Boring and rather forgettable show

    This show tried to make jokes in it like the games but I don't think I laughed at them cause I was too bored. Every time it comes on tv or on the computer I drop down in boredom and don't pay attention to the episodes. The games rocked and my favorite one is tak and the guardians of gross, now a couple years after they made the 3rd one, they decided to make a show which I thought that would be nice but I first wasn't really interested in the script and the plots and the title dosen't appeal me to force to watch them and Tak's voice is changed to an annoying guy I like the original one better the one that voiced him in some of the games but they changed his sweet voice and that voice I don't really like the new voice so good thing they stopped making episodes a year later that's the good news.
    And I didn't know tak has a girlfriend such and so but boring and it starts spinning my brain around saying "GO do something else other then watch this retarded show" That's right the show is boring and I don't care about it anymore
  • Another prime example of Nickelodeon going downhill.

    ALright, this show started as a video game and I guess because OL' Viacom thought it did so well they'd turn into a TV show. What is said show/video game about? A jungle shaman in training who sumons magical beings called Jujus and gets into magical trouble. Does the idea seem a bit stale? It should because it is. This shows features bad CGI, characters we don't care about (and whose names we can't pronounce), wierd character design, and lame plotlines. Even fans of the video game won't like this one. Although I myself have never played it a friend of mine said it didn't even close to the game's likablilty factor at all. Just when you thought Nick couldn't go any farther down that hill..
  • Just when you thought Nickelodeon couldn't get any more retarded.

    Okay, I have to admit I did like the video game series by Nickelodeon when I was younger, but it was popular enough to earn a freakin' TV show? This barely has anything to do with Tak and the Power of Juju! It's mainly just about the adventures of Tak with his friends, barely any episodes had to do with enemies at all! There's also the lack of humor, seriously, I've never gotten a laugh from this show once. Just when you thought Nickelodeon couldn't get any more retarded, this is some damn proof to correct that.

  • What possessed Nick to obtain a crappy show such as this?

    Seriously, this should have just remained a video game, some of the episodes are just a waste of time and lack in popularity and structure. This show looks as if it was just pulled out from a filing cabinet with thousands of bad report cards. Basically Nick thought that "Hey! That video game was good and had some good characters, let's just slap this as a TV show on our station so we can lure in more viewers with a new show!" Well I don't know what happened when this was made during production, but it came out a failure, the show has some crappy episodes with a lot having mediocre plots and lack in having a great idea and originality since it already was a video game. There's not enough of well thought out plans for this show and has very poor structure and plots, so in total this show won't last very long. Just play the video game instead, I'm sure you'll have more fun playing it than watching it, since this show had a few episodes that had something i'm sick and tired of, and that's known as the gross humor and anything disgusting that got thrown into this show, in my opinion that made the show even worse. One episode I remember seeing with that is when Tak comes across this creature who's basically a disgusting and gassy monster apparently, its so gross that some of you who read this probably get grossed out by just reading that segment of this review its so bad. Nick i still think has some good shows left, but unfortunately they've been getting a lot of crappy shows lately, and this is one of them. Well I'm just glad I barely see this show at all anymore, It almost got thrown off the air completely since it was so bad. Nick I hope can do better and gain more awesome shows in the future because I still like the TV Channel and Station. Anyway, there's a high chance you won't like this show so try not to watch it and just stick to watching SpongeBob, Fairly Odd Parents, Jimmy Neutron, or Avatar whenever that show is on. TV must live!
  • very very dull

    Okay, this show doesnt deserve a 1+. i mean this show is worth watching. but note: Only watch this once in your lifetime. mostly because their plots get stupider and stupider after every season
    1) Change the humor. its not even funny. the jokes are lame and seriously annoying
    2)Their voice acting is good so keep it up
    3) graphics are seriously horrible. bad shading need to work on that
    4) its not the worst nick show. i mean theres the mighty bee
    im not even sure whether this show is original or not. but anyway, you can watch it once. you instantly hate it or you wouldnt mind watching it again. but then you'll hate it in the end
  • What was that!?!?

    I have only ever watched one episode of this crap show because it was so lame. I will now go into immense detail.

    Plot: The first thing I thought after I was done was 'What was that!?' The plots are completely random and made me imagine the producers pulling a random plot out of a hat.

    Animation: Much better than most Nick shows, mostly because of the 3D. Voice Acting: Terrible.

    Dialogue: Terrible.

    Characters: Terrible.

    Title: Terrible.

    Good Nick shows that it has helped destroy: Jimmy Neutron, Danny Phantom (I don't like it that much but I know lots of people who do) and almost Fairly OddParents.
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