Tak and the Power of Juju - Season 1

Nickelodeon (ended 2008)




Episode Guide

  • Destiny Schmestiny
    Episode 27
    It's Tak's birthday, and Jibolba gives him the mysterious gift of a... rock. How, thoughtful. However, Tak soon realizes that this is no ordinary rock. It's a magical crystal that transports him into the Juju Bizaar for the very first time!
  • 11/29/08
    Tak and Jeera find an irresistibly cute, three-horned creature that can turn invisible, levitate, play music from his horns, and more. Tak is having nightmares of a scary monster and they are driving him crazy.
  • Tak's Monster
    Tak's Monster
    Episode 26.2
    Tak has nightmares about a monster that soon surfaces and terrorizes the villagers.
  • Pack of Apes
    Pack of Apes
    Episode 25.2
    Tak helps Chief improve his music skills.
  • 11/22/08
    Performing a crazy stuny, Jeera breaks every bone in her body. Stuck in a body cast, Jeera begs Tak to fix her. When Tak helps Chief improve his chin-jo playing w/ magic, it results in the Chief captured by music loving apes
  • Break This
    Break This
    Episode 25
    Tak unwittingly makes Jeera invincible.
  • Shrink a Dink
    Shrink a Dink
    Episode 24.2
    Tak is supposed to admit his fears but since he's not ready to face it, he lies about it.
  • 11/15/08
    Tak and Keeko find a giant stone statue of Chief. Tak brings the statue to life having all kinds of fun with his new giant friend.Once a year, the Pupununu are visited by Phobia Juju, who makes them face their greatest fears
  • Giant Chief
    Giant Chief
    Episode 24
    Tak brings a statue of Chief to life, unaware of the effect this has on the village.
  • 11/8/08
    When the Chief demands that Lok retrieve the beautiful feather of the ferocious Pangtiddler bird for him, Tak is sent along to assist Lok on the dangerous quest. Tak is initially skeptical that the bird is as terrifying as Lok has made it out to be, but, for once, Tak discovers that Lok was right. Now, Tak must swallow his pride, admit he was wrong and seek out Lok's help in order to retrieve both the feather and Tak's staff-which has inadvertently fallen into the bird's razor-sharp claws. The pesky Devour Brothers – a pack of miniature menaces - have taken over the Bizaar, wreaking havoc and harassing all the Jujus. When a dazed Judge Juju gives Tak gives take her law-keeping duties, it's now up to Sheriff Tak and Deputy Jeera to clean up the Juju Realm! Soon enough, Tak's jailed ALL of the Devour Brothers! Tak and Jeera revel in their newfound power, and round up the tiny monsters with ease. That is, until Big Brother Devour comes to town and they realize that this is one major menace who won't be so easily taken care of.moreless
  • 11/1/08
    It's time for the Pupununu's Annual Foot Dance Contest, and Tak is shocked when Jeera tells him that she is going with Keeko! Turns out Tak has two left feet, and no one wants to be his dance partner. Desperate to show the tribe that he has moves, Tak finds an unlikely dance instructor in Linda the Sheep. Soon Tak is hoofin' it like a pro. After making Linda human so she can to be his date, they enter the contest. But when Tak's spell starts to wear off, it's a race against time to finish the final dance number before Tak's date reveals her true sheep self? Tak is horrified when Jibolba takes a trip and forces to him to have... a babysitter! Even worse, his sitter is Slog, who takes her duties WAY too seriously and foils all of Tak's attempts to sneak out to goof around with Jeera and Keeko. Tak finally decides to use his magic to freeze Slog in time. But, his spell backfires and Tak turns Slog into a giant chunk of ice! Things get worse when the Ice Slog is kidnapped by marauding monkeys. Tak, Jeera and Keeko scramble to fix the sitter situation before Jibolba returns!moreless
  • 10/19/08
    It's Wiblet Season again and Tak is determined to catch the impossibly fast Wiblet for the Chief to feast on. But no matter how hard Tak runs, Lok is always faster. Deciding to use a little magic, Tak takes a trip to the Juju realm and finds an excellent pair of muscular legs. Next thing you know, Tak is speeding around the village in his gorgeous new gams. But when Lok decides to steal the legs for himself, the pair wind up chasing each other in the ultimate one-legged race. Will these two heroes be able to work together to catch the Wiblet before Chief's dinner is lost for another season? When the Pupununus keep thanking Tak for things he doesn't remember doing, he begins to think that he's going crazy. But he's not crazy; he just forgot that he created a clone of himself. Unfortunately, the tribe ends up liking Tak's clone better than real Tak! He's smarter, more helpful and even better at using magic. When the tribe decides to kick "classic" Tak out of the tribe in favor of the "new" Tak, it's up to the "classic" Tak to prove that he's the better version of himself.moreless
  • 1/24/09
    Tak's showing off at gratchball practice, hogging the ball and teasing his friends for playing like amateurs. Then, Tak's athletic dreams come true when a Gremlin team from the Juju realm invites Tak to join them. Tak is elated. He's a pro.
  • Ball Boy
    Ball Boy
    Episode 18
    Tak's bragging about his "gratchball" skills attracts the Jujus' attention, and they invite him to play...but they turn him into the gratchball.
  • 5/21/08
    Bad Medicine: Jibolba creates his yearly flu medicine but this year it doesn't work. Tak helps Jibolba by fixing the medicine with magic but Tak has a negative reaction to the medicine that effects his control of his magic powers.Beautiful Girls: Tak is chosen by Judge Juju to be the judge for the upcoming beauty contest and he must decide between Love Juju or Zaria.moreless
  • 5/19/08
    Ball of Wax: Tak and Jeera discover a giant ball of earwax that the Chief has been hiding. So, they bring it to the Juju Realm to get rid of it once and for all. Testing Jibolba: Jibolba forgets about his annual Shaman test, so Tak helps him cram for the exam by stealing the answers.moreless
  • 3/8/08
    Girls Only: Tak turns himself into a girl so he can attend girls-only gatherings. Secession: Tak, Jeera and Keeko leave the village and move to a Juju realm.
  • 2/23/08
    Little Chief: The Chief asks Tak if he can make him younger.
    Pugnacious No More: After accidentally punching Pugnacious Juju, Tak ends up with the Juju's powers.
  • Boom! Bang! Boom!: The Pupununu Tribe begin to explode.

    Great Juju Impersonator: The Juju's are at their dentist appointments. Tak doesn't want the tribe to worry, so he tries to deal with his own problems instead of talking to the Juju's.
  • 1/26/08
    Joy Ride: Tak and Keeko accidentally kill a Juju while riding Jerra's J-Runner. Step Juju: Jibolba is back from vacation with a surprise.
  • The Littlest Gratch - Tak tries to save his new pet from being eaten by the Chief. Lok, The Offender - Lok is taken to Juju Court for his rude behavior and Tak must help him with a most difficult task: Apologizing to the offended Jujus.
  • 12/8/07
    Love Hurts: During the preparations of a Pupununu festival in honor of the Love Juju, Jeera boasts that she will never fall in love, so Tak creates a love potion to prove her wrong, but he ends up drinking it instead.

    Frien-e-mies: Bleeta is nice to Tak after he helps her, but Jeera is suspicious of the woman's too-friendly attitude.moreless
  • 11/24/07
    Big Boss Brawl: Chief must battle the Big Boss Juju, and Tak is forbidden to use his magic to help. Our Favorite Juju: Bug Juju agrees to help the tribe with an insect problem only if they perform his autobiographical musical.
  • 10/27/07
    This Bites: Despite Jibolba telling him not to, Tak uses magic on his aching tooth and accidentally brings to life all the teeth in the Tooth Graveyard. Now the entire Pupununu must evade the zombie teeth to avoid becoming zombies.

    Chief?: The Chief seems to have lost his mind, but Jeera discovers that an old rival of his has something to do with her father's odd behavior.moreless
  • 10/13/07
    Zaria's in Charge: Zaria takes control of the tribe and causes trouble for Jeera, but a plan to scare her backfires and she is taken to the Juju realm by Spider Juju.

    Bad Luck's Back: Tak is blamed for the tribe's bad luck, but he learns it was all a scheme to tarnish his name.moreless
  • 9/29/07
    The Beast: Tak tries to get Zaria to give the banished Repulsive Juju a makeover in the hope that he is accepted back into his part of the Juju realm.

    To Zaria With Love: Psychic Juju predicts Tak is destined to marry the next ruler of the Pupununu tribe, and Chief couldn't be happier. Zaria and Jeera don't like what they hear and help Tak thwart the prophecy.moreless
  • 9/15/07
    The Party: To celebrate the tribe's recent good luck, Tak decides to throw a bash! He calls upon his pal Party Juju for help, and the ensuing celebration lasts for days and days! Turns out, nobody can stop partying because they're under the Never Ending Party Spell! And only Party Juju's wife, Killjoy Juju, can stop it. But this couple has had a falling out, and it's up to Tak to help bring them back together, and end the Pupununu party for good.

    The Three Chiefs: When some important visitors take a liking to Tak, both he and the Chief get caught up in the flattering attention. But after Jeera reveals to Tak that these snobby guests are secretly laughing at him and the Chief, Tak decides to teach those jerks a lesson they won't soon forget.moreless
  • Tak: The Great Juju Challenge
    "Tak: The Great Juju Challenge" is a fun game for systems Gamecube, Xbox, Playstation 2, etc....
  • 9/8/07
    A Shaman's Shaman: Tak's magic has been going haywire lately and it seems like Jibolba may be to blame. Conveniently, Jibolba's former student, Tlaloc, arrives and turns out to be a great magic teacher. He takes Tak under his wing and turns him into a successful shaman. Ashamed, Jibolba leaves the tribe until Tak discovers that Tlaloc isn't the great, helpful guy he claims to be.

    The Gift: It's Jibolba's Shamanic Anniversary and Tak's forgotten to get him a present. Luckily, he finds the perfect gift in the Juju marketplace ... a magical Motiki doll. However, when the doll comes to life, it wreaks havoc in the village. Tak must stop the doll before Jibolba's anniversary is ruined.moreless
  • Woodiefest / Loser
    Episode 2
    Woodiefest: The ferocious Woodie creatures are planning to trash the Pupununu Village during their annual rampage through the jungle. While the rest of the tribe runs off to hide, Tak, Jeera, and Keeko decide to stay behind to fight off the attack using Tak's Power of Juju.

    Loser: Tak is tired of Lok bragging about his heroic feats, so he tests his friend with an impossible task. As anticipated, Lok fails the test and then is unexpectedly banished by the Chief for his failure. Feeling guilty and responsible, Tak sets out to reinstate Lok into the tribe.moreless
  • 4/5/08
    Mofather: Keeko adopts a bird as his parent and brings it to the village, where it causes trouble, and the Chief orders Tak to get rid of it. Big Love: Slog falls of Tak after he tries to help Lok get rid of her, but Lok soon misses her and wants her back.moreless
  • 3/22/08
    Tikis of War: Tak must lead a rescue mission to save the tribe from the Motikis. Hairy Zaria: A prank gone horribly awry transforms Zaria into a hairy beast.
  • The Contest / Hair Cut / Mind Reading Juju / Monkey Spell
    These are Mini Episodes that aired on Nickelodeon.
  • Tak and the Power of Juju
    Tak and the Power of Juju, is a fun game for Systems Gamecube, Playstation 2, Game Boy Advance, Xbox, etc....
  • Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams
    Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams is a fun game for systems GameCube, Playstation 2, Gameboy Advance, Xbox, etc.... Tak and Jibolba must get to Jibolba's brother [JB] to see why Tak has had the same dream where he has to save a princess and is tricked by Tlaloc into defeating the dream juju and half the staff falls into Tlaloc's hands and now has to retrieve the other half of the staff from Pins and Needles. Will Tak retrieve the staff and defeat Tlaloc once and for all?moreless