Tak and the Power of Juju

Season 1 Episode 1

Tikis of War / Hairy Zaria

Aired Saturday 7:30 AM Mar 22, 2008 on Nickelodeon

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  • The worst Tak episode of all time

    Whatever foolish dumb-arse concocted such a piece of crap needs to get medical help. T&TPOJ is a show about two pea-brain teenagers working with an unsuccessful tribe of people, The Pupununu. Sorry. By the way, the specialties on the people are Cheif, Lok, Zariah, Log Hermit and Mask Guy. Oh, and not to mention... The Pupununu.But that isn't the worst part. The "Pupununu" is basically old by-products of fattening people, who eat disgusting things like brains and liver, and distasteful drinks that actually contain meat. Urrggh!!!

    The Tribe is full of drunks, idiotic characters (especially Tak and Jeera) and an aroma of sickness. The owners? Two unappealing characters who treat the Pupununus like complete dirt and slack off all day. One's a ginormous, plump dope and the other is a thin poorly-looking, uneducated emo who appears to have a problem with hygiene and the English volcabulary. The CGI design is sogruesome and idiotic it appears as if they are bad theme park mascot costumes with lowlife actors inside them. The storylines are simply about Tak and Jeera trying to make some use of their puny lives, which fails in the most miserable way possible. And it's funny, the makers think that people will like it!

    So, Here. I Coun't even watch it anyway. watching one episode, about a Hairy Creature that makes Pupununu into rotting zombies, and deemed this show as pointless. And yes, I was correct-I did not need to watch another to try and change my mind. The characters, set designs, storylines and entire concept is worthless. Nickelodeon, just stop, OK? Everything you produce now may as well be released onto a DVD with a disc made of something highly flammable, so people can use it as firewood. There you go, the review is over. Tak truly is horrific, and Nickelodeon has flushed itself down the drain.