Tak and the Power of Juju

Season 1 Episode 5

Zaria's in Charge / Bad Luck's Back

Aired Saturday 7:30 AM Oct 13, 2007 on Nickelodeon

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  • Bad episode

    This show is way to childish for its own good. All of the characters are way to annoying. Listening to Zariah talk makes me want to hit myself in the temples with a hammer. I watched some of this and thats why i'm on here. I think they have already ran out of ideas for new episodes. From what ive seen all these episodes involve something in the town making Tak go crazy. Such as being blame for bad luck(OOOH lying makes Lok blacknail Tak HA HA Funny). Or not finding a date to the love fesilval (HA HA I get it Lok hates Tak). Lets just say when the opening credits make you not want to watch the show. You have a bad show.
  • Zaria In Charge-The Chief leaves Zaria in charge while he goes on a retreat. Zaria takes this opportunity to order Jeera to mudane chores. When Tak and Jeera try to exract some revenge, the plan backfires, and they must save Zaria from Spider Juju.

    Zaria goes way beyond the definition of "bossy older sibling." One begins to feel sorry for Jeera, especially when it comes to the pig costume. However, sweet revenge comes at the end of the episode, when Zaria must don the costume (which was actually predictible).

    This episode reveals Tak and Jeera's strength of friendship, when Tak looks crossly at Zaria when told to get away from Jeera, and later his comment on how Zaria has gone to far. However, I feel they could have come up with a better plan than a people-eating spider. It was somewhat predictible that Zaria would charm the Spider family. Overall, an Average episode. Nothing special.