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Australian Master Chef, Curtis Stone is coming to a grocery store near you! Stone approaches regular people in the grocery store to find out what's for dinner and offers his help in transforming their regular meals into something extraordinary. If the offer is accepted, Stone heads on over to the person's home to see how they eat and he offers up his assistance in spicing up their usual cooking routine.

    What to Watch: April 11 - 17

    Our pick of the best shows on Aussie screens this week including Take Home Chef, My Kitchen Rules, Detroit 1-8-7, So You Think You Can Dance and more.

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    • One of my favorite chefs!

      This is one of the best shows that I have ever seen, Curtis really knows his stuff and makes it seem so easy! I love it
    • Curtis knows how to cook everything!

      I enjoy this show. Curtis Stone is a chef from Australia and finds women at the grocery store, usually very attractive & affluent housewives, and offers to cook them dinner for her family. I do enjoy how these very well to do women with kitchens worth $50K to $100K do not know how to cook. Very funny. What is amazing is that he knows how to prepare all sorts of meals from all parts of the globe. He looks to be early 30's but he seems to have the experience of a much older chef. Lately his show has been taking e mails from viewers asking him to come and help them in the kitchen. Kind of like "Extreme Makeover: Kitchen Edition."moreless
    • A truly fun way to spend an hour with your family.

      We love this show!!!! My son who is ten got me hooked. He has been helping me in the kitchen since he was born. Whether on my hip, on the counter and now making his own recipes. He loves this show and insists we make everthing he does. After school he can't wait to rip off his backpack and watch all the pre-taped shows. It has been a fun way to get the whole family involved and it is nice to see that he is bringing home one of the most important things to share at home "the dinner table". So Thank you for such a GREAT show.

      Mrs. Thewis,

      Mother of two always hungry boys!!!!moreless
    • Take Home Chef is an awesome show! Not only is the chef handsome but he knows what he's doing. My younger sister wants to be a chef, and he is her inspiration. We get new recipe ideas every show. So what's the reason not to watch Take Home Chef?moreless

      I love this show. My sisters and I watch it all the time. It's one of the better cooking shows out there. It's everything a show should be - intertaining, funny, real, and not scripted! In the last month I've gone to the Take Home Chef website and each time I found it easy to use and to understand. And for the chef not picking men, how likely is it you will see more men grocery shopping then women? Very slim. So if the men want help cooking, simply go to the grocery store more often!moreless
    • good work. i just wanna say that you have inspired my friends mom to be the best cook i have ever met!..i have been trying to curtis to come over to my friends house..HOW DO I DO IT? there is nothing more i would rather have then curtis come 2 my friendmoreless

      listen...i dont really watch the show..but my friends mom does..24/7! she even gave her original job up just to be a stay at home mom so she could cook! i have never met anyone in the world that could cook as good as Mrs. Wallace! she is the coolest person i have ever met! she is phenomenal! the reason i am the person i am today is because, Mrs. Wallace has the best cooking in the world! now i want to repay her by getting curtis the take home chef to come to her house in INDIANA!moreless
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    • Stephanie Diani © 2006 TLC
    • Stephanie Diani © 2006 TLC
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