Take Home Handyman

Saturday 1:00 PM on TLC Premiered Mar 31, 2007 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Funky Bunk: Darlene and Brendan
      With space at a minimum and a family that is expanding, Darlene and Brendan need some help to make the kids comfortable.

      Andrew's job will be to keep the kids happy when he turns a bedroom into a space that is accommodating for more than one child.
    • Room for a Clown: Hope and Beth
      Hope's new roommate is her biggest source of support and stepmom, Beth, who works as a clown who entertains ill children. Andrew helps turn a disorganized basement into a space of Beth'w own where she can clown around to her heart's content.
    • Getting to Know You: Lisa and Ken
      Lisa and Ken have recently moved in together, but have yet to meet each other's parents. Andrew will need to help them take this renovation home from a wreck to something that will help bring their families together.
    • Fix Up Mix Up: Carla and Lewis
      Lewis is well-known in his family for his less-than-adequate home repair abilities. In fact, his lack of handyman talent has become the object of many jokes. Andrew and these homeowners will have to get serious if they want to complete all of their unfinished projects.
    • Mi Casa, Su Casa: Carla
      Between paying for school loans and her house, Carla doesn't have any room in her budget for home improvements. Andrew helps Carla fix up her house while giving her home a special cultural flair.
    • Decked Out: Hannah and Brian
      With Brian preparing for an overseas tour of duty, he and Hannah are frantically trying to complete some renovations. Andrew will help this couple build a new outdoor space and the one thing they most desperately need: a place to keep in touch.
    • Foodie Fantasy: Rachel and Matt
      With a nightmare kitchen, Rachel and Matt find it difficult to indulge in their passion for good food. Andrew is charged with the task of bringing an outdated kitchen into this era to help this couple turn this nightmare into a dream come true.
    • Family Squeeze: Anne and Brian
      Newlyweds Brian and Anne are sharing their lives - and their home - with Anne's two sisters. Andrew helps this family adjust to their crowded living arrangements by helping them find enough space to join together as a family.
    • Polishing the Family Gem: Renata and Matt
      Living in the house where he grew up, Matt and his new bride Renata desperately need to update the house. Andrew will get to play with the couple's fun style and bring the house into this decade that will make the newlyweds proud.
    • Standing Room Only: Sherry
      Sherry is starting her own business and that included starting over in tiny living quarters. Because organization is key, Andrew's goal is to help Sherry get it together so she can concentrate on advancing her career.
    • The Grandparents are Coming!: Jen and Chris
      Jen and Chris no longer have anywhere for arriving guests to stay due to a renovation for another arrival: their baby boy. Can Andrew help these new parents transform the attic into a welcoming space for the grandparents?
    • Replacement Basement: Toni
      Andrew helps homeowner Toni fix up an outdoor entertaining space as well as renovating a dingy old basement.
  • Season 1
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