Take It All

Weekdays 9:00 PM on NBC Premiered Dec 10, 2012 In Season


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  • Soul-Crushing. Think "Jerry Springer, the Game Show"

    This show glorifies lying and deception; it's about as morally debased as TV can get. Winners need not possess intellectual or academic skills to flourish. Just the amoral greed of Midas and the cunning of a serpent.

    The scenario: A group of contestants battle to make the final two; the preliminary rounds are a dumbed down version (Is that possible?) of The Price is Right. The finalists bring their winnings, each holding hundreds of thousands of dollars, to the bargaining table for the showdown. They have one of two choices to make; they could keep their prizes or, that's right, "Take it ALLLLL!" If both choose KEEP, they each walk away with their own prizes. If they both choose TAKE, they lose everything. But if one chooses KEEP while the other chooses TAKE, the taker gets it all.

    So the finale features the negotiation. You know the drill; heart-wrenching life stories are spun highlighting honesty, integrity, trust and devotion; all designed to convince their opponent to choose KEEP.

    I've unfortunately seen two shows. In both, trusting souls lost out to scumbags. As if this isn't morally reprehensible enough, the show ends with the studio audience cheering.

    Yuck. You'll want to take a long hot shower after watching this latest offering of human degradation.