Take The Money and Run

Season 1 Episode 5

Just Between You and Me

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Aug 30, 2011 on ABC
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Just Between You and Me is the fifth episode in the first season of ABC's game show Take The Money and Run. A California father and daughter team stash the briefcase full of cash at a friend's business in San Francisco. Now the duo must endure 48-hours of intense questioning to win the game.

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  • Yet another BRUTAL episode!


    What are these guys thinking??? First they spend a 1/2 hour at a place and didn't do anything there, which was actually smart, not leaving it there then they wait until the last minute to buy the rope and stuff - that should have been the first thing they bought but no use - then he TELLS them right where they put it. Come on even the boozo's in previous episodes lasted a LOT longer then this guy. How did he survive in the Army and not learn a thing about interrogation and the cons they will use to get what they want. I shake my head at these guys.

    I'm also getting sick of the two interrogators - they think they are all that and a bag of chips, but they are just irritating!

  • Finally someone that doesnt look vulnerable, but never go for the looks.... my grandma used to say.

    So i thou that this episode would be the one that will make me happy so far about this show, i mean there was an old man, which most of us think that they are wise plus he was ex-military and we have a womanfirefighterso i thou uhm it doesnt gettougherthan that.

    But boy was i wrong? indeed this is one more deception, but i still think thatproductionreally picks this people after a full personality and crime background, i mean it was s obvious that the female interrogator just went right after her "Biographer" role, its like every episode they know exactly what their peeve points are.

    Like i dont even blame it much on the old man, i mean its like 50% his fault and another 50% fault of casting or production whoever gets to pick this people. AND then provide that info to the interrogators.

    I mean i know there is alot that we dont see behind cameras, but how was it possible that mary the interrogator , in less than 1 hour, knew that the old man had a talkative personality and made him believe that she wanted to hear about his life and then boom, this is not just with this episode, itsdefinitely seen in all off them so far.

    I keep BEGGING forfairness on the game, how is it fair to have 4 people against 2? plus the element of being incarcerated that well we didnt got to see its effects on this episode since they were only there 7hrs.

    I think im done with this show... i got so many better shows to watch on tuesdaymoreless
  • Good concept show, but very unbalanced, thieves skill wise...

    I'd love to open a petition to make the show's producers get some smart people to hide the briefcase...This episode had a peak where it actually seemed the thieves would win...This until Rick got broken by Mary Stone, I gotta admit her experience proved off this episode...Rick had a big mouth and actually told the interrogators where to hide it...He has a big mouth and spilled everything...I reckon that maybe he didn't had anything to gain for him to let his guard down so much...Maybe they settled that his daughter would take all the money and he was doing it for her...My mother always told me "be careful with the silent ones and I think people that aren't so outgoing might prove more of a challenge for this...I know the producers probably don't want to smart of thieves because that would give negative publicity and maybe inspire for the evil of other people, but they should try at least decent people.moreless

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