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  • Pretty interesting, but pretty bad

    This could have been a very good show the whole setup was very interesting sadly, It was pretty boring at the same time. Also the people who hide the case are pretty dumb most likely they're just paid actors. Also why the crap would they tell the interrogates where the dang money is really?!.

    If I was on this show I would hide the money in a good place or just run home with it . If they did arrest me I would keep my mouth shut or lie my butt off to them they would never get one piece of info from me. So overall this show is just bad. 3.5 very poor.
  • Good setup! The show should / could have been about 2 folks hiding $100,000 anywhere in the city. They have 1 hour to find a place and 'weave' a path that will require the officials to spend over 48 hours to find the hidden money.

    "The worst show (reality or otherwise) ever placed on TV. The reviewer either did not see the show or somehow works or is compensated by the makers of the show (my opinion). The concept is interesting the execution is ridiculous! Everyone tells the truth! Why wouldn't your response be 'I can't remember!' I don't know! The detectives would give a 30 second interview to a relative who refused a house search but said the money wasn't there...their conclusion..'dead end!' Then reported back the money definitely wasn't there!! This show is a joke! Makes Jersey Shore look like 'Jeopardy'! Swill!" I'll never watch this less than lazy effort at tv show creation.
  • This show has to be fake paid the people some money to participate how many people couldn't hide a case of $$ then get locked up and keep their mouth shut to share 100k. silly silly BS show. the phony interrogators act like u have to tell them the truth.


    what only 1 pair have been able to hide the case and then not tell where it is please get some real people on the show who want to really win the money would u not know if u couldn't tell a lie or stay in a cell for 48 hours. this week was it the dumb dad gives the name the "detectives go right to the guys place and find it in 7 hours

  • Has potential but will probably not meet viewers' standards.



    This is a show where contestants are given a briefcase filled with100,000 dollars and then have 1 hour to hide it anywhere of their choosing before being taken to jail. Dectectives and investigators then try to make them give clues as to where the case is and try to find the money. If the contestants can keep the briefcase hidden, they win the money. If the dectectives find it, they get the money.

    My review:

    This show seemed very great at first. As it progressed though, I noticed some flaws in the show. For starters, this show is completely UNFAIR. The dectectives and interogatorshave YEARS of training and real-life, day-to-day experience. The contestants, however, have no experience whatsoever and are forced to become the world's greatest liars in 48 hours. Quite a tall order on such short notice. Not to mention that the investigators have ways of cracking the players (as seen on ep. 1 "Oh Brother") and can use any tool of choice to aid them in their search (the metal dectectors in ep.3 "The South Beach Sisters"). Yet in episode 2, the couple actually won. It seems quite obvious that the law would win every single time because naturally the law almost always wins every single time! There is absolutely no logic in this equation at all.

    Room for improvement comments:

    First of all, get non-dectectives to go search for the money, but keep the interogators. This would at least make it so that inexperienced people would not get an unfair advantage with experience from the job.

    Secondly, make it so that the players don't have to say anything. People, if you look on abc.com at the show's rules, it says that you cannot keep silent, contrary to all your thoughts. Now I'm not saying for a moment that this is fair. In fact, the opposite would be true. In the real world, you do not have to tell interogators anything. That is what the 5th amendment is used for. However , since this is a game, they decided that it would be "unfair" that the players could keep quiet. Wrong! They have plenty of leads to go off of without the contestants saying anything. Receipts, phone calls, gps cordinates, and they still think that this is not enough. Please, give me a break!

    In conclusion, one-sided show makes for not such a glowing review. Watch it and you mightbe disappointed.

  • I am appalled at how ignorant this show is. Why take decent people give them a chance at winning a large sum of moneyI would never answer any of their questions..they would not get that money from me that is for sure. One stupid show!!!

    The worse, most ignorant show I have ever seen on TV. You give average citizens a chance to win money that most likely can use and instead you give it to police officers and detectives that already make enough money. I would have never told those police officers anything. I would have just lied the entire time and sweated out 48 hrs in jail. It is not like they can treat me like a criminal..there is no crime committed. I cannot believe how stupid that brother was and for what..to give up all that money he could have helped his family with and instead the police get it. Dumb ignorant show...it will not last
  • How long does it take to post a review good or bad on your site? Think the show started good but you guys have to get things right .....the real world of take the money and run

    I think that this is was a good start but in todays world the first thing people with think of is technology and how the make this work for them. As a non criminal Canadian resident, female over 45, I am actually laughing at this. Come on guys.....first get ride of the gps in the car....now brians there, second get a disposalable cell phone....makes things a little harder don't you think and then wish the detective well, they should be able to do it again they too are very aware of what is really out there!
  • At first i thou that this show be great, it does have potential, it gives a lot if what ifs and makes you wonder. I dont think that the participants are totally randomly picked but selectedpsychology, the interrogatorsshouldn't be so neutral.


    Like i said, the show caught my attention since they advertised it. however it wasdisappointingsince the first show. It gave the sense that the show picks participantspsychology, there seems to be always a hugedifferencebetween the people that hides the money, always a weak and always an alpha.

    That also i want to add that they seem to choose people with a dream and use that on the weak participant to push him/her to break. Also they seem to choose people that have no jail time, since they all get so worked up after a day of being incarcerated.

    Now, the interrogators seem to be neutral which is cool, since they arent from the same department orknowledgeable to the area,so it gives you the feeling that its a 2 versus 2 (2 cops vs 2 participants), however its really not the case, its not fair for the participants since the interrogators are just like cops! so somehow its 4 versus 2! That plus they put them in jail, they push thatpsychological thing on their heads.

    Bottom line i think they should have the participants being held off at a neutral place, where the cops can interrogate themthemselvesand then go out look for their prize or work it around from there, That will not only be fair but helpful the the cops since they are doing everythingthemselves and also to the detainees so they dont get that extra push from interrogation from experts and get locked up.

    Also they need to just get normal people and stop picking the participantspsychologically.

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