Season 1 Episode 1

Beyond the Sky

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Dec 02, 2002 on Syfy



  • Trivia

    • John, the stranger that appears to be an alien, whom Sally found, has left her pregnant.

    • Jesse Keys is born in this episode while Jacob Clarke is conceived.

    • This episode takes places between August 1, 1944 and September 1947.

    • Visual Effects Goof: The opening sequence is a computer generated visual effect showing a formation of US Boeing B-17G bombers being intercepted by a number of German Messerschmitt Bf-109 fighters. The Bf-109 version shown is the Bf-109E "Emil", as distinguished by the square wingtips and the struts supporting the tailplanes. The Emil was in widespread use in the early part of the war and was famous during the Battle of Britain. By 1944, they had all been withdrawn from service. The correct version for the period shown should be the B-109G "Gustav", which is distinguished by rounded wingtips, no tailplane support struts and a more streamlined nose profile.

    • In scenes shot inside Owen Crawford's office a 50-star flag is displayed in the background. The US flag contained 48 stars until 1959.

  • Quotes

    • Allie: (narrating) Everyone knows not to stare into the sun. It's something your mother tells you when you're a kid. "Don't look at the sun or you'll go blind." But sometimes you want to understand something so badly that you'll risk going blind for just a glimpse of what it all might be about.

    • Allie: (narrating) Most people change kind of slowly. They're who they are, and then after a while, they're someone else. But some people know the exact moment where their lives changed. They saw the person they were going to marry or the look in their baby's eyes the first time he smiled. For some people, it's not the good things in life that made them change. It's something they've gone through that makes everything they look at from that moment on seem very different from how it had always been.

    • (to soldiers)
      Owen: What won the war...was secrets. Knowing theirs and keeping ours. Gentlemen, meet the Enola Gay. When the Enola Gay dropped her payload on Hiroshima, only 107 men in the entire country knew what that specific payload was. The B-29 had been redesigned to carry its load, and a new crew, selected to carry an atomic bomb, was onboard. They were carrying out a mission so secret that even they didn't know what it was. The secret was kept until the ultimate moment. As a result, the war was won. As members of the Intelligence Corps, it will be your job to keep secrets. Here at the 509th Bomb Group, that responsibility is made all the more awesome by the fact that we are the only base authorized to store atomic weapons. At any given moment, your ability to keep your mouth shut and, if necessary, to lie through your teeth may very well determine the course of history.

    • Allie: (narrating) They say some men carry their war with them for the rest of their lives, and some men put it behind them like an old pair of shoes. And then, I guess, there are others who go on fighting, even if they have no idea who their fight is with or why it's so important not to give up.

    • Allie: (narrating) Russell Keys came home from the war like a lot of other soldiers. He was tired of fighting, and he was very glad to be coming home. There were things that had happened to him, and he knew that he was not the same person he had been when he left. He had changed, and he wondered about all the things here at home that might have changed too, while he'd been away. But sometimes when you go somewhere far away and then come back, the part that bothers you most is not the things that have changed, but the way that other things have stayed the same, like you hadn't been anywhere or done anything at all. The kids would still play ball on the vacant lot where he and his friends had played every summer, the high-school band would still play every friday night in the park downtown, and old Mrs Parker would still be waiting, as the kids came home from school, to yell at them if they stepped on her flowers. All of that might still be the same, but he was different, and so nothing would really be the same at all.

    • (repeated line)
      Capt. Owen Crawford: You're the sun and the moon to me. The sun and the moon.

    • Allie: (narrating) That summer, a lot of things had happened that people couldn't explain. There had been lights in the sky and stories in the paper about saucers crashing. John had come, and then he had gone. For a while, life went back to being life, and almost everyone forgot the things that that summer had brought with it from out of the sky.

    • Allie: (narrating) Some people have given up all hope of anything in their lives every changing. They just go on with it day by day, and if something were to come along and make things different, they probably wouldn't even notice it right off, except maybe for that kind of nervous feeling you get in your stomach. My mom and I used to call that "the car trip feeling", because it was how I'd feel whenever I knew we were going to go somewhere far away or somewhere new.

    • Allie: (narrating) People are lonely in this world for lots of different reasons. Some people have something in their disposition. Maybe they were just born too mean, or maybe they were born too tender. But most people are brought to where they are by circumstance, by calamity or a broken heart or something else happening in their lives that wasn't anything they planned on. People are lonely in this world for lots of different reasons. The one thing that I do know is, it doesn't matter what anyone of them might tell you... nobody wants to be alone.

    • Allie: (narrating) My mother always talked to me a lot about the sky. She liked to watch the clouds in the day and the stars at night...especially the stars. We would play a game sometimes; a game called "What's Beyond the Sky?" We would imagine darkness or a blinding light or something else that we didn't know how to name. But of course, that was just a game. There's nothing beyond the sky. The sky just is, and it goes on and on, and we play all of our games beneath it.

  • Notes

    • Not only can the aliens change their shape to anything they want. They also possess an amazing ability to pick up the language in an instant.

    • Joel Gretsch (Owen Crawford) and Michael Moriarty (Colonel Thomas Campbell) would later appear in The 4400 episode "Pilot (The Return)" together. They played Tom Baldwin and Orson Bailey respectively.

    • Tom Clarke (Kevin G. Schmidt) and John (Eric Close) are the only characters to appear in both this installment and the last, "Taken".

  • Allusions

    • Lt. Lou Johnson: Aw, well, hell, Captain, that's a damn shame, cause you were an A-1, Audie Murphy hero.

      Audie Leon Murphy was an American soldier in World War II, who later became an actor, appearing in 44 American films. In 27 months of combat action in World War II, Murphy became one of the most decorated United States combat soldiers of World War II. He received the Medal of Honor, the U.S. military's highest award for valor, along with 32 additional U.S. medals, five from France, and one from Belgium.