Season 1 Episode 7

God's Equation

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Dec 10, 2002 on Syfy

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  • Charlie and Lisa find themselves in a dangerous situation when they are taken at gunpoint and forced into a hostage situation. Allie demonstrates her alien powers for the first time when she attempts to escape from Mary Crawford.

    “God’s Equation” was a unique Taken episode. Dakota Fanning wowed fans with a very special performance as Allie Keys. She had previously appeared in every Taken episode as the narrator but this was the first episode that she was seen onscreen. This episode tastefully integrated Charlie Keys, Allie Keys and Lisa Clarke together, for there first perilous adventure. God’s equation allowed for a small but adequate amount of time to be spent on forming the relationships between Charlie, Allie and Lisa. An undeniable spark of attraction was ignited between Charlie and Lisa from the moment they first met. Charlie formed an instant bond with Allie that allowed for their relationships to be believable and touching. Charlie and Lisa found themselves in a dangerous situation when they were taken at gunpoint and forced into a hostage situation. The excitement was soon amplified when Allie accidentally became involved. Allie demonstrated her alien powers for the first time when she attempted to escape from Mary Crawford…and ran straight into an even more death-defying situation. Highlights of the episode include Allie’s demonstration of her alien powers, her insightfulness with their captor Ray and the bonding moments between Charlie, Allie and Lisa.
  • The beginning of the best episodes of Taken.

    "He was just mean and crazy..."

    God's Equation finally introduces Allie on screen, as so far we've only heard her narrating (which she does brilliantly by the way), and the remainder of Taken becomes effectively her story. Dakota Fanning is a fantastic actress, and delivers every line with emotion and real feeling. Taken is worth watching just for her.
    Although this episode begins slowly, it soon picks up as a hostage situation develops where Charlie is shot (although he's healed later by Allie). Out of the many to choose from, the best scenes are probably Charlie and Allie meeting, and when Allie tells the gunman that it was not aliens who took him into the shed when he was young, but a mean and crazy old man.