Season 1 Episode 7

God's Equation

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Dec 10, 2002 on Syfy



  • Trivia

    • This episode marks the death of Eric Crawford (Andy Powers). Of the three major characters from the second generation, the others being Jacob Clarke and Jesse Keys, he was the last survivor.

    • This episode and the last three episode of the series all take place in December 2002.

    • This episode introduces physically Allie Keys, although the audience is familiar to Allie Keys because she is the narrator of the series.

    • Goofs:

      1) While Charlie and Lisa are talking at the soccer field, the umbrella strap keeps disappearing and re-appearing between camera shots.

      2) When Lisa is fixing dinner at home, and Charlie is looking at Allie's posters, the alien head tattoo Lisa has on her back shoulder has disappeared, even though it was visible in an early shot in the episode.

    • Goofs;

      1) Just before the therapy session where Charlie and Lisa tell everyone about Allie, there's an establishing shot of the building. You can clearly see Allie running in through the doors, even though at this point she's still at football practice. They must have reused the shot.

      2) When Allie goes to heal Charlie, Dr. Penzler gets up twice; once as Lisa starts towards them, and again as she kneels beside them.

  • Quotes

    • Allie: So, this is the year I find out how everything works? The big ideas?
      Charlie: Mm-hm.
      Allie: And everybody takes these classes?
      Charlie: Pretty much.
      Allie: So, then what happens? They all forget?
      Charlie: (laughs) Uh, I never thought about it like that.

    • Allie: (narrating) I think when you're older, what gets hard is that you forget how to take things as they come. And sometimes, the things that do come, are more than anyone should have to take.

    • Allie: (narrating) I grew up, just my mom and me. I never thought a lot about who my father was or where he'd gone. I guess I knew there was something missing. But when you're a kid, your life is just your life. You don't think about all the other ways it might've been.

    • Charlie: How do you wanna tell her?
      Lisa: I-I don't know. I don't know if I wanna tell her.
      Charlie: She has to know.
      Lisa: No. She doesn't. We're doing fine here. Allie and me, we're fine. I-I don't know you. I...I don't know if I want you to be her father.

    • Allie: (narrating) As long as I can remember, people have liked to talk to me. You know, kind of how somebody says something to you. Doesn't have to mean so much. It's just that it opens a door for you and you can see into a room you couldn't see into before. It doesn't really matter how you got there. The important part is you're seeing something new and different.

    • Allie: (narrating) If a dream is just a dream, something that happens in your mind while you're asleep, then that's all right. It's yours to take with you into the morning, and it fades away there in the light. But when the dreams start to come while you're awake, and they come with the light, then that is not all right. What we look for then is other people who have dreamed what we've dreamed, who have seen what we've seen. When the dreams become real, sometimes the only comfort you can find is in knowing that you're not alone.

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