Season 1 Episode 3

High Hopes

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Dec 04, 2002 on Syfy



  • Trivia

    • Second appearance of James Kirk as Jesse Keys

    • This episode marks the death of Russell Keys (Steve Burton).

    • This episode takes place in October of 1962, during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

    • In this episode, just after Allie´s narration, we can see a crop circle.

      A crop circle, is a geometric formation made by man in crop fields mostly cereal fields where they leave a message or simply a geometric pattern just for the fun. Although some people believe that this formations are made by aliens.

  • Quotes

    • Allie: (narrating) The world is made up of the big things that happen and the small ones. And the part that's so unfair is that we call them "big" and "small." Because when something happens to you, when you lose something or someone that you really care about, that's all there is. The world may be blowing up around you, but you don't care about that. You don't care about that at all.

    • Owen: Alle ihre erinnerungen kommmen auf einmal. Alle ihre erinnerungen und alle ihre aengste. "All your memories play at once. All your memories and all your fears."

    • Allie: (narrating) Poeple like to examine the thing that frighten them, to look at them and give them names, so saints look for God, and scientists look for evidence. They're both just trying to take away the mystery, to take away the fear.

    • Allie: (narrating) We're all standing on the edge of a cliff, all the time, every day, a cliff we're all going over. Our choice is'nt about that. Our choice is about whether we want to go kicking and screaming or whether we might want to open our eyes and our hearts to what happens once we start to fall.

    • Allie: (narrating) I have this idea about why poeple do the terrible things they do. Same reason little kids push each other on the schoolyard. If you're the one doing the pushing, then you're not going to be the one who gets pushed. If you're the monster, then nothing will be waiting in the shadows to jump out at you. It's pretty simple, really. Poeple do the terrible things they do because they're scared.

    • Allie: (narrating) My grandfather used to tell my mum that kids should never have to worry about anything more serious than baseball. Everything you need to know is there. It has success and failure, moment where you come together and moments where you stand alone. And it has an ending. Not a clock, like in other sports, but an ending. And that, my grandfather used to say to my mum, is as close as a kid should have to come. To that sort of thing.

    • Allie: (narrating) We all like to think that we have some control over the events in our lives, and a lot of the time we can fool ourselves into thinking that we really are in charge. But then something happens to remind us that the world runs by its own rules and not ours and that we're just along for the ride.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Owen Crawford examines the photo of an unidentified married couple abducted by aliens. The photo is of real-life couple Betty and Barney Hill, who became famous in the early 1970's when hypnotherapy sessions allegedly revealed that they had been abducted by aliens.