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  • And that's how you tell a story about aliens!!!

    Excelent show! One of Steven Spielberg's finest moments. Not to mention it has Dakota Fanning, one of the brightest, most talented young actresses that hit Hollywood in the last... say 30 years.
  • Little Green Men weave themselves into the lives of several American families over a few generations.

    SO many clichés piled together you'll feel you're a psychic if you ever heard/saw/read anything regarding alien abductions, Roswell or Little Green Men. It's basically a family drama mixed with uninventive bland moments of Little Green Men coming and going. I gave it a try hoping that it would get further than the clichés at one point but unfortunately it didn't.

    The acting is decent, which is a shame considering the uninspired dialogs and one-dimensional characters. The worst being the soap-worthy villain US Army officer who would do anything to advance his career, including murdering a woman himself...

    The scenes with the Aliens a re particulalry hard to watch so overused they are!

    In fact if Spielberg's name hadn't been plastered all over publicity, this turkey probably wouldn't have gathered even a sniff from reviewers. Spielberg has nothing to do with the show of course... not even a writing credit on any of the episodes. His name was just used to elicit the cult reflex from the masses who know very little about scifi and still think the guy ever invented anything.
  • I completely agree - this underappreciated mini-series was very good.

    From the lighting, to the story line, to the acting and the locations - this mini-series has stuck in my mind since I watched it. And just this Christmas I *finally* got it on DVD. Now I can revisit the characters on their journey through their other-worldly lives. I thought the ending very much could some day lead to a second mini-series, but I've tried not to wish upon stars and get my hopes up - even if Hollywood is good for dragging things on and on, and beating a dead horse. (Rambo 20, anyone? LMFA)

    But seriously - I thought every actor in this series were terrific. And it was because of this show that I know who some now very famous TV actors are - Eric Close for instance. Also this series was the first time I'd seen some great film actors - Anton Yelchin (*such* a great child actor!), Chad Donella, Elle Fanning...
    To me, if a mini-series, show, or movie stick in your mind for 6 years *after* having watched it - and you think about buying it on DVD but the expense is too much and you say "Ok - it's too much, iI'll wait till I have the money" - but it still irks you that you can't get it - then that tells you something.
  • A pretty good show.

    This show started out pretty good although a few of the subplots and the way the story progressed was a bit odd and unnecessary. Pretty much when the alien turns into a human and produces offspring is when this went from a great show to an ok show. The portrayal of the government agency was ok but a bit eccentric. Spielberg did a good job directing and it was an entertaining show. I do wish that more alien shows would deal with aliens with a more realistic plan the aliens have and behave. Most of the time aliens are either evil and want to colonize us or they have no set plan. Still, this wasn't a bad show for a 10 part mini-series.
  • I just finished watching Taken and I must say that it was a really good series.

    I just finished watching Taken and I must say that it was a really good series.

    One thing that made Taken difference from the other series's is that it spanned over 50 years. We saw three families, the Clarke's, the Keys' and the Crawford's and what they went through during those 50 years.

    The Clarke's and the Keys' went through series of experiments by the aliens which ended with Allie the daughter of Charlie Keys and Lisa Clarke, the most powerful being on earth. Meanwhile the Crawford's always tried to find out more about the Keys' and Clarke's and the no remorse Mary was very near, but at the end even she realised that they couldn't do anything.

    At the end the Aliens took Allie with them, but Allie left a message to her mom which said that she will be back.
  • Considering the fact that I'm not a real sci-fi fan I was very amazed by this show!

    Even if I'm normally not a big fan of sci-fi stuff, I loved this show...Maybe it's because I'm a huge fan of Eric Close (I love the way he portrays Martin Fitzgerald in "Without a Trace")...However, it was a bit sad that he was only been seen in three or so episodes. What I liked as well was the way Spielberg's aliens were looking in this show (think about the aliens in "war of the worlds")- in "Taken" they were looking just so cute!

    I also liked the fact that Spielberg got different producer/director for every episode, because in this way the show was very interesting, considering the fact that they had (so I guess all different ideas how to do the job)
  • i want to see more of this show with great story by steven speilberg

    this show is so amazing and great story i want more of it and go on with it steven speilberg is a amazing story teller. i love story and it really good and it make me watch more and more of it so bring it back with more good story
  • I liked this show a lot, every episode was a was a different story.

    The show was set from the 1950's upto present day. Each episode explored alien abductions by three families. Starting from the beginning in 1950 upto the final episode in the present day. The show also explored the military intrest in Aliens. I think that it was well written and the cast was amazing. Its a shame it only ran for one series but i don't see how it could have gone on anyway. I bought the DVD set which is amazing. I advise fans of the X Files to see this one. This show blended drama and suspence very well. Don't miss this one.
  • great writing great cast love this show

    this has to be one of the best mini series ever I have watched it 2 times and it is so great the characters are fabulous this is such a great story 50 years 3 generations of people dakota fanning is so great in this she does such a great job at such a young age It just pulls you in and holds you there for the whole time it is great I just watched it again on dvd and was inthralled and on the edge of my seat the histry of these people is great I love it if you like sci fi you will love this one
  • Fiction and fact are carefully interlaced in Taken to form a masterpiece mini-series that features 50 years of history and four generations of family.

    Taken is a mind-blowing mini-series that is cutting edge. It features excellent actors, insightful storylines and intuitive characters. Taken cleverly intertwines three families and 50 years of history to form one final perilous adventure. The series begins with the first generation of characters and the suspected UFO crash at Roswell, New Mexico. Owen Crawford quickly emerges as an unsurpassable villain that acts with both cruelty and intelligence. These traits are not lost in his son and grand daughter. Sally Clarke is revealed to be a compassionate but lonely character that fawns a gifted son, grand daughter and great grand daughter. Russel Keys materialises as a brave but tortured World War 2 hero that passes on his courage to his son, grand son and great grand daughter. Charlie Keys, Lisa Clarke and Allie Keys eventually surface as some of the most important characters, and they are played by exquisite actors. The relationships are delicately formed between all three characters and indeed all the characters throughout Taken. Fiction and fact are carefully interlaced in Taken to form a masterpiece mini-series that features 50 years of history and four generations of family.
  • A short-lived masterpiece?

    My mother always talked to me a lot about the sky. She liked to watch the clouds in the day and the stars at night...especially the stars. We would play a game sometimes, a game called "What's Beyond the Sky?" We would imagine darkness or a blinding light or something else that we didn't know how to name. But of course, that was just a game. There's nothing beyond the sky. The sky just is, and it goes on and on, and we play all of our games beneath it.

    The Good:
    The oh so quotable narration
    Dakota Fanning
    Episodes 7-10
    The aliens

    The Bad:
    Watched together, the general story drags somewhat
    The spaceships' design is quite unimaginative
  • Awesome Mini Series! Excellent actors. Love how the story evolves over almost 50 years.

    I love how it was all tied into to the first UFO sightings of the 40s and 50s. Watching the story progress a decade of a time was really neat.

    We've watched the whole series a few times now and plan to rewatch every now and then (every year or so - same as band of brothers)

    A look into the behind the scenes UFO investigation by the army as well as into family life of those affected by the aliens.

    Dakota is a brilliant actress with a promising career.

    The ending was so sad however.

    But overall an excellent sci-fi with family drama mixed in.
  • I just can't think of any mini series that has been better than this or more watchable or loveable. I love it

    I absolutely love this series, I can't even begin to describe how great it is. Steven Spielberg is a legend, especially when it comes to anything involving aliens. but to me this is the bet thing he has ever done.

    Watching the story progress through the generations of the families is gripping. and the beauty of the characters and stories is indescribable. The acting by everyone is beautifully done but Dakota Fanning absolutely steals the show. She is amazing and has a charisma that is overwhelming.

    I wish there were more episodes of this than there were. and I for one would love to see a follow up of what happened after Allie left.

    Overall I just can't think of any mini series that has been better than this or more watchable or lovable. I love it
  • I thought that I can only get on tilt when playing poker. This movie has the same effect...oddly.

    I thought that I can only get on tilt when playing poker. This movie has the same effect...oddly. This is definitely a pleasant surprise. I will surely look forward to more of Taken from now. It just shows you that on any given day, you can discover something refreshing and new. Lucky moi.

  • Really intriguing show with an interesting premise and plenty of action.

    The premise of the show is great: what would happen if an alien appeared on Earth. How might he affect those he came in contact with - and how might certain authorities respond?

    This show worked through one possible answer to that question. It was pretty interesting.

    It was only a mini-series. However, it was one that was hard not to look forward to each week. Each episode of this show fulfilled a promise to tease out the answer to a growing puzzle.

    The show was a good mix of the noble and the ignoble. It was pretty suspenseful watching things play out.

    It seemed really well written and the acting was top notch.

    It was cool that this was done as a mini-series as that allowed the writers to create a story whose ending they were able to tell.

    A longer running series almost never ties things up really neatly at the end. This one did.
  • Good Sci-Fi

    Taken follows three families several decades as the different generations meet again. The Crawfords have dedicated them selves to hunt the aliens, the Keys are being abducted by them and the Clarks are part of them.
    This is a great mini series. It's a mix of drama and sci-fi in a unique way. It may be a little slow in the start, but as it goes on you're hooked. There are many characters, but there is no problem keeping them apart. The characters that are related look and act like each. The cast does a very good job! The cinematography is good and so is the production design. The series visits many different styles and eras as time passes. There are never any doubt witch era we're in.
    Above all the story is good and it's well told. 14 hours and you still want more!
  • A story about three generations of three families: the Clarkes, Crawfords and Keys, and their role in the world of alien abductions.

    A great series

    When I heard about this miniseries, to be honest, I didn\'t think I would like it that much. Man I was wrong!! When I gave it a chance, I really enjoyed the series, everything: the plot, the efects, the story, all of it was awesome. The dialogs were excelent, and it was clear the writers were very well informed about the topic, they really made their homework there. The characters were very deep, and even if their situation wasn\'t common, they truly reflected the human nature and the culture of their times. A personal favorite, and a miniseries I highly recommend.
  • Overall, a really good series! But there is one serious problem!!! - WARNING! SPOILERS! -

    Good storytelling and an amazing performance by Joel Gretsch!!! The first part (first 5 episodes) is fantastic!!! It just kept me on my toes, kept me wanting more!!! I thought this is going to be the best thing in the Science-Fiction genre for years!!!! Mesmerising, exciting, mysterious, thrilling, chilling, perfect!!!!
    However . . . . It's a pity that a very vital role in the second part of the series (last 5 episodes) was played by this extremely and utterly untalented “actress” Emily Bergl!!! The series could be just fine, but this horrible-horrible acting destroys it completely! I don't understand how on earth this girl could get the role! Especially when there is such great cast in the series ... I mean, really, this Lisa Clarke … has only two faces, one "happy" (which I'd rather call imbecilic) and one "surprised" (just as imbecilic as the first one) which is also her sad AND angry face which she keeps “changing” back and forth and it's so dull and lame and pathetic that after the 5th minute you wish she wasn't there, or you wish you could punch her in the face! And that lame lame lame band she is into and that horrific horrific drum playing and singing at the same time with her mouth as open as it could get - which honestly looked as if she was about to do something “else” with the microphone- made me want to smash my TV! In the name of all gods where on earth did they find her and why oh why did they gave her this part??? Well the story get kind of trashed from her appearance and on as well. I mean it is not only her bad acting, it is also the things they make her say and do. I mean the whole thing with the band was so moronic and uninspired, it seemed as if the writer got a cerebral accident and started writing down nonsense! Especially for her part! It’s almost as if they did it deliberately to laugh at her! And in the end, the eeeeendless goodbye scene with close-ups to her pig-face crying and crying and crying and it was so fake and unbelievable and painful to watch! You get to the point where you get up from your sit and you scream from the top of your lungs: Alright already!!! Let the brat go!!!

    And it’s such a shame, because apart from all that it's a fine Science-Fiction series with great special effects and acting!

    I’m giving it 5 out of 10 ONLY because the first part really worth 10! The second part I give ZERO!
  • Classic show and arguably the best mini-series to be ever made.

    I thought this was the best mini-series to be ever made and kept me watching throughout, very well written by various directors and also a production of Steven Spielberg. The cast was absolutely magnificent with the likes of Dakota Fanning and Joel Gretsch.

    It can't just be classified as sci-fi either cause its simply so much more than jsut sci-fi. All episodes were beautifully written and also based on real claims of abductees. I was just awaiting for someone to create such a magnificent series based on alien abductions and for it to be a production of Spielberg just supports why it's so good. I've loved every bit of it.
  • Stimulates the mind, and shows you a very good view of how a director like Spielberg thinks.

    The question is, is there extraterrestrial life in the galaxy, or even the universe? Some may argue that little green men do exist, on the other hand other people may argue that its a load of old posh, I am one of them, although this does raise interesting questions, my beliefs remain the same.

    Edit: On a side note, I'd never use the phrase, "She's the sun and moon to me."

    Mysour over and out.
  • The transcendental miniseries of the new decade.

    Taken is one fine piece of example among a great production, great idea and a lot of budget. This one of a kind mini series explores the idea of being abducted by aliens an the imaginary of the abductees after the abductions, but the main plot revolves around three families and their encounters with the alien going on for five decades. This is one of my favourites miniseries in the thematic of science fiction since it offers a new perspective in the storyline and in the audiovisual narrative stile.
  • This mini-series was riveting and clever. Steven Speilberg certainly lived up to his reputation as an amazing sci-fi creator.It takes elements of the great Sci-Fi series and movies and combines them into a generational tale of alien abduction, mystery an

    This show takes elements of Star Trek, Star Wars, E.T., the X-Files and combines them into a generational tale of alien abduction and mystery. It also combines heart-wrenching drama that will stay with you for many a time to come. The characters are riveting and the timespan adds to the incredible nature of the program. The flashbacks to times in the 1920s simply adds to the suspense and thrill of this amazing series. The story parallels the lives of intertwined families who do not realize the significance of their connections until the impending alien abductioin reality is all to clear.
  • Taken was one of the best miniseries ever!

    I remember watching Taken when it aired and I absolutely could not miss even one episode. I was actually sad when it ended. I wanted to see more, but unfortunately it could not be. It involved generations of families and it also involved aliens. It was just a great show that should be in reruns.
  • There is something about "Taken" that kept you watching

    I am unsure what it was about "Taken" but even though it was not at the top of my list of favourite shows there was something about it that kept me watching every week.
    I loved the way the government needed to know more but also needed to keep it covered up at any cost.
    I also like the way it went through the generations of the families and how it affected them all.
  • One of the best miniseries that I have ever seen

    Taken is without a doubt one of the best miniseries that I have ever seen. It was imaginative, exciting and awesome. It has conspiracies, lies and half truths. Not nearly as in-depth in its scope as X-Files, but still for the short time that it was on, it deffinetly grabbed you and kept a tight hold until well after it was over. I also enjoyed howyou never quite knew what was going on and that you needed to keep watching just to get a basic idea of what is going on. This is eaisly a miniseries that can be watched over and over again.
  • Simply put; Aewsome!

    The best mini series ever! Cutting edge, and an eye openener to many viewers. This story in my opinion, and from doing some investigating is not to far fetched of a story. Meaning that it's based on many theories of people with knowledge in the field of Ufology and the like.
  • Great Mini-Series!, wish it were a series though

    I've watched all the episode and I'm amazed that it can be so entertaining at the same time as being so incredibly long. I have read criticism of the mix of soap opera drama into the alien abduction theme but in fact I see that as the perfect way in which to present this movie. While aliens are the theme of this movie, it is the human experience which is the main focus and that's why the soap opera style presentation suits.

    The fact that I don't know what the aliens business is with these humans is appropriate - because in real life (if we assume aliens are here) we wouldn't know either.

    The interest in this movie (for me at least) revolves around the struggle to figure out what the aliens want and what motivates them. If this had been revealed in episode 1 then what would be the point of watching the rest of the episodes?

    I think this mini-series is the best alien abduction/ufo related presentation that I've seen. I've got the rest of the family hooked on it as well. I just hope the conclusion to this presentation will do justice to the episodes I've already watched. I'm sure Steven Spielburg has figured out a good ending.
  • this is what gave you the 4400 on USA.

    This is very compelling drama with sterling performances by a mostly unknown cast. Crawford's genes eventually spawns Mary played by "The Blair Witch" star Heather Donahue. Ms. Donahue's intense performance as an insanely obsessed power-hungry scientist is magnificent. Furthermore, the story sucks you in from the opening frame and captivates you with its mix of history fact, fiction and unflappable imaginative. The filmmakers not only explore alien lore but the feelings of powerlessness, of being different from the large group as well as murderous impulses. the 4400 may not deal with aliens, but it deals with the manipulation of humanity.

    I fell in love with Dakota Fanning..I think she's just a great lil actress..This mini-series was just brilliant..the idea that aliens came down at Roswell and experimented with us just to make a hybrid human being...perfect...the way the two families were connected..again brillaint...come on bring it back...it was amazing...i would watch it if it was a series...
  • neph4444's review

    I dunno if you even saw the same show.. So I'll start point by point...

    Neph: I'm not a fan of Steven Spielberg's films at all, so it took me a little while to decide to watch the show. I just finished the last part.

    Me: First problem, mate. You start off with a biased opinion. Wether or not Speilberg made it, that should have no worthy influence on the story, as the story was not written by the guy.

    Neph: I have two questions.

    Me: shoot...

    Neph: 1: Why does poor little Dakota Fanning have to speak down from the moral highground all the way, sounding like some early Star Trek role? Did the producers really think that this show has something to teach?

    Me: Ummm, I can understand the series was long and rather twisting to those who didnt comprehend it, but do you even realise what she was supposed to be ? She was supposed to have the intellect of an alien race so far superior to our human speciese that they had forgotten what it is like for them to exist as we do.

    She was the embodiment of both a vastly superior race of beings, mixed with the emotional value that the human species has to offer.

    Her words were the words that such a hybrid form of life would espouse, considering. She had the knowledge to understand our failings, but the power of emotion to reflect upon then, and instead of simply seeing life as a straight line as these aliens did, she could see alternatives to such events we call life experience. THAT was the whole point, Hence teh experiment, dude..

    But as I said, I can understand you not seeing that fact, considering you were already biased towards the show.

    Neph: 2: Am I the only one who could not really build up sympathy with any of the characters, despite the really high-quality performance some of the actors did?

    Me: Again, if you watch the show over a rather lengthy period, that is understandable.

    I watched the entire lot in one sitting, and I could see each charactor develop into a unique identity that flowed with the story line. It may have been a problem with the writer for you, but to encapsulate such a period of time, from 1945 to 1998 or thereabouts, you cant expect to dwell on a single charactor in depth to a great detail.

    Have you ever seen the Martian Chronicles ? And that was 1/4 of the timeframe experienced by this show. Kudos to the writer for such a great continuance, as far as Im concerned.

    Neph: Someone please tell me what this all was made for, 'cause I can only think of commercial reasons.

    Me: Go back to the simpsons my friend.. or whatever it is that floats your boat. This was meant for people above the usual tempered sci-fi ntellect I can tell..

    By no means was this the best thing I ever saw, but you just sound like a dim witted arnie fan, who expects everything to start and finish with a so called plot within 120 minutes..

    Did you enjoy the Stand ? Or Tommyknockers ? I guess it would interfere with Friends to waste so much time. *sigh*

    (edited for typos and a brief rethink - pog)
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